A Mincer that Actually Workers: Taobao Recommendations

Hey Raw Feeders and Home Cooked Food owners, HEADS UP!

In the past 2 years that I’ve used the mincer, I’ve gotten many questions on the mincer I use, so let’s just one shot answer all the questions that you have!

Also, this mincer does not only mince meat and bones. You can use it to make sausages for yourself or your pet. But most importantly, you can also purchase the meat slicer component to slice or cube the meat if your pet does not want only minced food.

This is a looooong post, so please bear with me and skip to whatever is necessary for you.

To prevent having to read through everything, you can skip to the necessary pages here
About the mincer I bought and what can it mince: Page 1
Buying the mincer (Standard combo): Page 2
Buying the mincer (Customsing components): Page 3
Slicing/Cubing the meat: Page 4
Shipping from China to Singapore: Page 5

About the Mincer I Bought

Cost of mincer: ¥950
Shipping fee: ¥180*
Total charges: ¥1130 (approx $226)

* Please note that recent shipping rates are much much higher due to a shortage of containers. See page 5 for more information.

The combo I purchased is 套餐三 (combo 3), and it comes with three sizes of cutting die and a sausage maker kit. The material that I chose is stainless steel for extra durability. I’ve used the mincer for 2 years and it is still functioning well.

What can it Mince?

Meat? Of course!
Chicken/duck neck? Yes.
Chicken/duck feet? Yes.
Chicken/duck carcass? Yes, but you need to cut it into smaller pieces first, which I found to be too much work, so never again.
Pork bone? No.

Simply put, you can only mince boneless meat and poultry bones. The only thing I will say you have to take note of is tendons because if the tendon is very long, it does not get minced up and ends up getting caught in the machine, which will cause it to stop. So if you are mincing tendons, I suggest mixing it with other meats to make your life easier.

Now, for some satisfying (yet kinda gross) ASMR of our past mincing videos.

Duck neck goes down quickly

My number one regret: Trying to mince a whole duck. It was too much work chopping the duck into smaller pieces, so I honestly do not recommend doing it because it is really tiring, unless you have a big meat cleaver to first hack the carcass into smaller pieces. But, the mincer can indeed mince a whole duck carcass.

More mincing, and honestly minced organs always looks horrible dripping from the mincer

And when you mincer them into a big bowl, it looks like ice kachang haha!

Make your meal prep easier!

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