Aon Happy Tails Pet Insurance – Interview with Debby and Mocha

We always want the best for our pets.

The cost of pet ownership is high, and the cost of their medical bills even higher. When owning a pet, it is important for us to determine their physical health before engaging with surgeries. Our pets are unable to verbalise what they feel internally hence the multitudes of consultations, x-rays and blood tests before we are able to truly determine what ails them.

Last month, we heard from Jane and considered the benefits of pet insurance with her. This month, we decided to reach out to a paw-rent who has recently discovered Aon Happy Tails pet insurance and to garner a better understanding of what drew her to consider Happy Tails.

Hi there! Tell us more about Mocha, and your relationship with them!

We got Mocha at the end of 2018. My previous dog, Jack Russell had passed on six years before and my son had been bugging us to get a dog so we thought that it was finally time to get a new fur kid.  Mocha is very timid and shy, it took quite a while for her to actually get comfortable with us but once she did she started following me everywhere. During CB (Circuit Breaker 2020), we truly bonded with her and she became much more comfortable being playful with us. On trips to the dog park, she remains happy to explore the park and runs around even if she is not playing with other dogs.

How do you and Mocha spend time together this June holidays?

This June Holiday, there is not much we can do as we are still under phase 2A (ha) in Singapore. Yet, we still made time to go for walks in the parks. We also plan to bring her for a swim once we can meet up with more people.

How do you work to ensure the safety and well being of your furkid?

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of my furkid I always give her fresh good food, supplements, and bring her for regular walks so that she has enough exercise. She is not very active at home. Additionally, I always make sure to bring her to the vet if I notice anything amiss with her.

What concerns do you have when visiting the vet?

Just like humans visiting the doctors, our main concern when we visit the vet is the cost of the treatment.

Upon hearing this, we asked her about her knowledge of pet insurance. Aon Happy Tails in particular, helps to offset some of the costs incurred by medical procedures.

Have you heard of pet insurance prior to this conversation?

I have heard of pet insurance prior to this conversation! I heard about it from fellow fur parents who had signed up for pet insurance. I think it is important because it will help us cover the cost of any emergency treatment for our furkids.

How do the coverage plans offered by Aon Happy Tails alleviate your concerns (as mentioned above)?

I think the coverage is pretty good as I am very concerned about IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) as a dachshund owner.

IVDD is a paralysis caused by back problems and short-legged dogs are quite prone to having it. Treatment may include rehabilitation or even surgery hence finding out that Aon Happy Tails covers surgery in their insurance plan made them quite appealing to me.

Will you be purchasing Aon Happy Tails in the foreseeable future?

Yes, I will!

Debby’s concerns regarding treatment costs and emergency medical procedures are extremely common amongst pet owners. Simplydollar states that medical costs are the most expensive aspect of owning a pet, with the average vet visit ranging from $50 to $400. 

When it comes to sudden health complications, costs can go even higher, or double, to accommodate the needs of the pet.

Aon Happy Tails’ comprehensive insurance scheme prioritises supporting pet owners through sudden surgical procedures that may arise from new complications in their pet’s health. These complications do not include pre-existing conditions which have already been assessed by the vet.

Regardless, as Debby has aptly mentioned, pets are always at a growing risk of developing new conditions such as the IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) for dogs. To ensure the safety of our pets, and to reduce wallet pains from unexpected medical costs – Pet insurance is a great way to keep us and our loved furkids safe and protected!

You can find out more about Aon Happy Tails pet insurance via their Instagram or Website.

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