My dog was poisoned

Oreo is a two-year-old adopted Japanese Spitz- Alaskan Malamute mix. When we adopted him in 2018, he had severe anxiety and he was not comfortable with people at all. He cried every second he was home and it took a lot of training (both home and professional) to improve his behavior.

Review of Nylabones from a landshark

I have a puppy who is about 20 weeks now. Overall, Donut (my pup) has lost about 8 teeth, and currently, she is still busy biting everything that’s insight. We’ve bought her KONGs which I did a review of here. We’ve also heard good things about Nylabones so we gave some of those toys a try as well.

Find my landshark’s review of Nylabones below:

Review of KONG Toys: The good and the meh

My tiny almost 2kg dog is a land shark. She’s currently teething and is ready to destroy all the toys (and furniture) that comes her way. We’ve invested a lot in Kong toys due to their reputation of being sturdy but not all of them are equally well made.

Read our review below to know which toys are worth it and which toys you can give a miss:


Packing a dog go-bag

Having a go-bag for our puppy Donut has been a lifesaver for us. Any time we go for a walk, we don’t forget a single item because it is all packed away beforehand.

One instance where we fully appreciated a go-bag was when Donut had to be rushed to an emergency vet because she choked on a kibble. In one quick swoop, all her items and vet records were with us when we got to the vet.

I’m here to share the items we pack.