Tips on Rehabilitating & Training a Fearful Dog

We have been very happy to receive questions from new adopters and fellow owners who are having a hard time with their skittish and fearful dog. Since we have already been sharing so much on instagram, might as well document it down! I have still yet to meet/hear from any owner who has a fearful dog to the extent of Mayo so I’m not sure how much these tips will help because most dogs are better off hahaha which is a good thing ok!

Adopting a skittish & fearful dog – Mayo

Around November 2019, we felt ready for a new addition to our family. Being first-time owners, we had a lengthy discussion and started doing our homework on costs, training and responsibilities, pros/cons of adopting vs buying and etc. It was then we started scrolling through the websites of various shelters and that’s where we came across Mayo’s profile on Save our Street Dogs (SOSD). To be completely honest, we were still in the initial phases of looking around.. And so we decided to join SOSD’s bi-monthly shelter tour to learn more about the street dogs and the work they do.