Blove Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? We have the perfect gift guide for you with the perfect holiday gifts for furiends or for your own furkids!

Pick from 3 different categories – The Adventurer, The Socialite & The Homebody to find the perfect gifts! 

The Homebody

Does your furkid prefer the comfort of home to the great outdoors? Select from our range of comfy home furniture perfect for those days & nights in. 

dfang is made for those homebody furkids, with a variety of pet furniture including the dfang Pet Play Bean Bag(from $159), Pet Play Cushion(from $185) & Pet Play House(from $167). Our customers love dfang for its comfort, safety & style!

dfang Pet Play Beanbag

Dfang pet furniture is designed to be waterproof & scratch resistant to ensure that it is durable for furkids. dfang offers comfort in luxury – pamper your furkid this Christmas! 

Also perfect for nights-in, Atasco 100% Whole Goat Milk($19.90) is a great gift for all furkids – A wholesome batch of fresh goat’s milk that is gently dried and ground into powder for easy storage. It is a perfect alternative for furkids with sensitivities towards cow’s milk and ensures that they do not miss out on the benefits of milk! Simply rehydrate the needed portion & enjoy the freshness in every sip!

And lastly, designed to make eating easier for your furkid, Fluff Trough($67.90) enables furkids to eat comfortably and helps to promote better digestion, better posture, less mess and less gas, as well as a more comfortable dining experience.

Fluff Trough

Fluff Trough comes in 2 different designs with 4 colours to choose from! And as a Christmas gift from us, enjoy complimentary name customisation for all pre-orders made before 20th December 2020.

The Adventurer

For the furkids who are wild at heart, Comfort Flex ensures the highest standards of safety, simplicity, and security. Designed for pups who enjoy exploring the great outdoors whether its running or hiking. 

Available in both harness & limited slip collar, the Comfort Flex line is an ideal gift for active & adventurous furkids. 

ComfortFlex Harness

The ComfortFlex® Sport Harness($69) is designed to protect sensitive areas, like your dog’s throat and underarm, during any level of exercise. Its ergonomic design allows for a full range of motion with added reflective nylon strapping across the chest for higher visibility at night.

ComfortFlex Collar

The ComfortFlex® Limited Slip Collar($39) is a gentle corrective collar designed to restrain without choking. Reflective strapping also makes this collar highly visible in low light situations.

The Socialite

Anypawdy else loves meeting up with furiends? We’ve got you covered for your playdate! Get ready for your playdate with The DoggieBalm Co’s Natural Doggie Cologne Spritz($21.10) – a 100% natural cologne spray designed to freshen up any smelly dog. Our colognes come in 3 different scents – Lavender & Rose, Coconut & Jasmine and Peppermint & Jasmine. Our most popular scent is Peppermint & Jasmine, you cannot go wrong with that refreshing scent.

DoggieBalm Co Natural Doggie Cologne Spritz

Before meeting with furiends, style your furkid’s luscious fur with DoggieBalm Co’s Leave-In Spray Conditioner($35.70), Simply give a few squirts onto your furkid’s coat and massage in with your hand. This conditioner contains natural Australian Rosemary and Argan Oil which is known to promote a healthy, smooth, and nourished dog coat all year round. Doggiebalm Co’s Cologne Spritz & Leave-In Conditioner are the ideal products to freshen your furkid in-between bath times.

DoggieBalm Co Leave-In Spray Conditioner

Lastly, if you are inviting other furiends over for a playdate, our dfang Play Mats (from $38) ensure the furkids can have a safe & fun environment to play in. Prevent injuries & accidents with our Play Mats as they are anti-slip, waterproof & is impact cushioning. It is made to be scratch resistant & durable. We offer a variety of types of Play Mats from foldable to the corridor to rugs, all to suit you & your furkid’s needs. Bonus – these mats are also safe for babies & kids!

dfang Foldable Play Mat

You can find all your gifting needs for your furkid & furiends from Blove. Check out our website – for our full range of products. Have fun shopping this Christmas & enjoy our deals & promotions!

Merry Christmas xoxo

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