Pawrenting + Parenting

I became a mom in July 2017. A mom to a 4-month-old Maltipoo and I named him Chandler Paddington.

Since then, I considered (and spoiled) him as my own son, as crazy as that may sound.

Needless to say, I felt anxious as to how he would take it when he finds out there’s going to be another baby in my life.

Every Pawrent’s Worst Nightmare

My husband and I were at a church conference last January 2020, and just coming out of a church conference, you would never think a tragedy would take place.

But that’s exactly what happened.

What I wished I knew better before getting a puppy

So imagine this. You’re finally at that point in your life where you decide you’re ready to welcome a new member of the family- to raise a dog. You’ve done all your research, asked a couple friends and family for advice and finally decide to book that viewing appointment to see your doggo to-be.

And of course what better time than now right? With Covid-19 sticking around, 2020 is the perfect time to train and build that relationship without much FOMO (*the ‘Fear of Missing Out’)! You also start to rationalize and picture the next 10 years of your life, all while telling (well more like, convincing) yourself everyday that ‘You’re making the right choice! No regrets you got this! 😅 ‘

Now does this sound familiar?

Beginner’s guide to home-cooked food!

This is my beginner’s guide to all dog owners out there, hope this helps to kick start your journey to home-cooked food or to fine tune your current recipes. I am not a professional nutritionist, if your dog have pre-existing issues, please seek advice from your vet.

Zeus the Siberian Cat

Zeus against Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure can occur if your cat’s heart isn’t pumping enough blood to other parts of their body, causing fluid to back up in the lungs. In later stages, your cat will show obvious difficulty with breathing due to this excess fluid.

Read on to follow the journey of Zeus, a cat diagnosed with cognitive heart failure, and how he fought till the very end.

The Day I Euthanised My Dog

I’ve had the privilege to raise 7 dogs since I was 12. I came from a family and extended family of dog lovers and grew up with medium to large dogs. Singapore was a lot more carefree then and there weren’t restrictions on the number of dogs a family could have even in HDB dwellings. There weren’t such a thing as HDB approved list either.

Puppy Blues I never expected…

“Will I be getting my sleep back?”, “How long more till he knows where to pee and poo?”, “When can I ever leave him alone?”, “Can I return this pup to the breeder/SPCA?”

Have you been asking these questions to yourself?

Home-cooked Food – Facts and Myths

Dear hoomums and hoodads out there, do you have the misconception that dogs eat exactly what we eat? For instance, rice, meat and vegetables are sufficient to constitute a nutritious and balanced diet?

Like many of you, when I first adopted Max, that was what I thought. However, after a horrible itchy episode that Max suffered, I realised that what I was feeding was highly inflammatory and not even balanced!

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