Do you love animals but can’t have a pet? This article’s for you.

by Hemant Mathy M S

When I was younger, I always wanted a pet. It’s pretty common, right? You ask your parents for a dog, or a cat, or some other animal to care for and forge a special bond with. Unfortunately, my parents never budged and I had to settle for a pet rock.

Now as an adult, I still want a pet. However, my parent’s sentiments haven’t changed either. So, I thought: If I can’t bring the dogs to me, maybe I should bring myself to the dogs.

In December 2020 I joined The Woof Agency, a highly recognised agency that works with various pet brands and petfluencers, and of course is the one that gave birth to Pawjourr and this blogsite.

I was excited, as it was a brand new opportunity for my to hone my skills and learn a thing or two, especially in an industry that I’ve never experienced before (and not to mention play with some dogs). I’ve heard about creative agencies for F&B and other retail brands, but never for pet brands.

The day before my first day, I was genuinely unsure of what to expect going in.

However, what I definitely did not expect was to be greeted by Oolong, a 3-month old Husky. I was pleasantly surprised, and suspected that there would be more doggo’s to come.

Oolong, the 3-month old Husky

I was right! With each passing day, I was introduced to my colleagues various pups. Ranging from Corgi’s, Miniature Schnauzer’s, and many more breeds, I found myself getting acquainted with how to feed, carry, and generally look after a dog to ensure they’re healthy and well behaved.

Fifi, the Miniature Schnauzer

It was a major culture shock, as I had to strike a balance between finishing my reports and compilation decks, as well as giving out treats and giving A-star belly rubs to all the puppers. It was an exhausting challenge but I was up for the task!

On most days, I would end up taking one too many breaks to just hang out with them, since having a pet in close proximity to me the whole day was such a foreign concept. Roughly 1 month into my employment here, I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished the following:

  1. Pet (5) dogs
  2. Carried (3) dogs
  3. Fed (2) dogs
  4. Cleaned up (1) dog’s poop
  5. Cleaned (1) hamster cage

What I’ve Learnt

The one lesson I’ve gained so far is that caring for a dog is no easy feat. Majority of the time owning a dog means that you’re preoccupied in making sure it doesn’t eat any questionable items off the floor, nor letting it run off into the wilderness without your knowledge.

Sure, your friends and family are going to love playing with them, but in the end you’re the one in charge of their well-being. Sometimes, the process could make you go a little crazy and even overprotective.

And if anyone is considering getting a dog, here’s my suggestion: spend the day with a friend who owns a dog, and see what the experience is like.

If you can’t handle cleaning up after them, nor able to withstand the slobber that will eventually soak your pants, maybe it’s better to admire them from a distance for the time being.

However if you CAN, then feel free to browse through the various stories written by fellow pawrents on the website to learn more about the process of getting a dog in Singapore.

If the question in your head is “should I work in a pet-friendly environment” though, then my answer (with 97% certainty) is to go for it.

Not only do you get to slowly learn how to care for a pet without having to immersive yourself completely, you can also carry it around with you as a stress reliever for meetings that should have been an email instead.

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