Easy Dog Treats Recipe: Prawn Risotto

Eating with Ji is a video series that showcases fuss-free yummy treats made for dogs, by a lazy pawrent who wants to act fancy. Do note that the treats are meant to be consumed as part of a balanced diet, and should be fed in moderation.

Prawns are not part of Duoji’s regular diet but I give some to her occasionally, when it’s on the hooman’s dinner menu. Normally I just boil them and add them to her dinner but then I thought, why not jazz it up a little to make the treat a little extra special for her. Hence, the idea for prawn risotto – doggie version.

I highly recommend boiling the prawns in their shells, with the head, so as to extract the goodnesss of the prawn head roe for the broth. In the video below, I didn’t have the prawn heads on hence the broth looks less creamy.

Another time, I made this again but I mixed in a little bit of Absolute Holistic Lobster Bisque for extra oomph.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe. Do share your creations with us.

Until our next post!

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