Easy Dog Treats Recipe: Salmon Sliders

Eating with Ji is a video series that showcases fuss-free yummy treats made for dogs, by a lazy pawrent who wants to act fancy. Do note that the treats are meant to be consumed as part of a balanced diet, and should be fed in moderation.

The idea to create special treats for my dog came about one day when I was watching Masterchef on TV. When I saw the contestants getting all creative and coming up with yummy dishes, I thought to myself, hey I could do that for Duoji too. Plus point, she’s probably less critical than Gordan Ramsey.

Of cos, me being me, my aim is to keep things as simple and fuss-free as possible. Hence the idea for the Eating with Ji series was born – to create ‘fancy’ yummy dog treats with easily available ingredients under a short amount of time.

The first treat I made was mini burgers or sliders. I used a commercial dog bread for the bun but you can use regular bread as well if your dog is able to eat it. In general, bread is safe for dogs provided they don’t have any allergies but do limit the amount, which was why I made mini burgers. I sometimes feed Duoji some keto-friendly (no carbs) bread as well, just a small piece, so you could use that too for a grain-free option.

For the filling, you could use canned dog food or small pieces of cooked meat. In the video below, I used Pet Cubes (cos lazy) but I’ve also done the same thing with small pieces of pan-fried minced pork as well. Just use your furkid’s favourite food, but make sure the ‘patty’ is moist enough to stick together.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe. Do share your creations with us.

Until our next post!

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