Ever tried munching on your doggo’s food? 🥓

Hands up if you are one of those crazy pet parents who tried their furkids’ food just to know how it tastes like 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Well, check out Furry’s Kitchen who recently partnered with celebrity chef Justin Quek to conceptualise a 3-course degustation meal at a pop-up restaurant called Terrier that put the brand’s home-cooked food to the ultimate taste and quality test with some of Singapore’s top food influencers.

Furry Kitchen shouldn’t be a stranger to most pet owners, given that they have been establishing a pretty active presence within the local pets community such as events & campaign with pet influencer marketing agency, The Woof Agency.

Stephen Chua, Founder of Furry’s Kitchen said: “This experiment challenges the perception that food for dogs tastes unpleasant and is made with undiscernible ingredients and preservatives unfit for human consumption.

Just like how we love to indulge in a delicious meal and feed ourselves and our loved ones with only the best ingredients possible, our furry friends deserve the same and can enjoy the same quality and freshness in their diet”.

The purpose was to break down the notion that food that dogs eat is unfit for humans. Guests were blown away by the flavour profiles, quality and freshness of the ingredients, giving their stamps of approval & demanding seconds. Some even likened it to grandma’s cooking.

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Chef Justin Quek added: “As with any social experiment, we had to keep certain variables under wraps to ensure the most unbiased results. We wanted to know if by removing the negative perception of dog food, we would discover that human-grade food made for dogs could taste both delicious and nutritious too. 

The dishes the food influencers enjoyed have all been taste-tested and quality-checked by me personally. You have my word that I only serve my guests food that I believe in, and food that meets my standards”.

While of course there was an element of surprise, the majority of the influencers taking part in the experiment appreciated that they had not eaten dog food, just human-grade food prepared for dogs. They understood that all ingredients such as beef, salmon, brown rice, potatoes and broccoli are sourced from the same SFA-certified suppliers used by local Singaporean restaurants, promising the same quality for humans.

Benefits of HCF feat. Furry’s Kitchen

Similar to hooman, there are different diets that you can put your furkids on depending on your budget, lifestyle and personal preference. Home-cooked food (HCF) has remain as one of the top choices amongst pet owners for its:

  1. High-Quality Proteins & Fresh Ingredients

Furry’s Kitchen is about providing your dog with high-quality proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits. Their approach is similar to how we feed ourselves and our families. They call it “balance over time”, which will, over time, meet your dog’s needs if you vary the diet enough over a week or two. Feeding a wide variety of meat and vegetables give your dog the nutrition it needs.

2. No Preservatives & Additives

Only using the good parts of the animal. No by-products. They also say no to preservatives, additives and fillers. Their recipes are made by hand in small batches and gently cooked to retain their nutritional value. They only source our ingredients from the same suppliers who supply to restaurants in Singapore, the same quality fit for humans.

3. Nutritional Needs

Nothing gives more flavour and health benefits than fresh and quality ingredients. A diet full of high quality, fresh, minimally processes ingredients help to support the immune system and all other body functions essential for everyday health. Without it, your dog will be more susceptible to disease. They also retain a lot more nutritious value compared to processed foods.


At the end of the day, there are pros and cons to different diet and pet owners should do proper research (not just on the nutritional value) but also to take into consideration your lifestyle and budget — e.g. it can get pricey if you are a multi-dog household or owns a large breed who eats a lot more than your small dogs.

You can also check out some articles to learn more about HCF from our resident doggo owners here.

Last but not least, check out Furry’s Kitchen influencers #approved goodies here!

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