Famous International Pet Influencers

When people think about pet influencer marketing, dogs and cats with thousands of likes on their photos often come into the picture. However, the world of pet influencers is a creative and vibrant community that is inclusive of many diverse pets and animals. Here is a shoutout to three internationally famous pets that are extraordinarily unique.

MacGyver the Lizard (@macgyverthelizard)

This giant Argentine red tegu lizard-doggo, is a cutie staying in the United States. MacGyver is indeed doggo size (or even larger), and has charmed the Internet when animal fans online saw that MacGyver behaves just like a dog. He responds to his name, cuddles with his owners, and shares a bed with them. 

Juniper the Fox (@juniperfoxx)

Juniper is a North American red fox that goes by the tagline of being “the happiest fox”. As she was born in captivity and is genetically different from other wild foxes, she was unable to be released into the wild, thus giving Juniper the opportunity to become an online sensation as she lives and behaves in a dog-like manner at home. Juniper is so popular on Instagram that he has 2.9 million followers, and even has its own website selling related merchandise! Its owners also rescue other exotic animals, and donations towards their good cause are always welcome.

Hamlet the Pig (@hamlet_the_piggy)

Pet pigs might seem rare, but the heartwarming story of the popular Hamlet the Pig from Nashville shows that they are good companion animals. Hamlet was the one pet that saved her owner from the stress and suffering from experiencing epilepsy in life. Melanie, Hamlet’s owner, started Hamlet’s Instagram account to document Hamlet’s life moments, but the account grew in popularity as people realised that pigs are the most adorable therapy animals! Hamlet’s Instagram posts generate tens of thousands of likes, and she also has her own website with merchandise such as shirts and pins featuring Hamlet’s cute face.

Evidently, this list of unique pet influencers shows that any pet, be it common or not, can become an Internet celebrity, as online netizens are attracted to the quirkiness and cuteness of every animal.

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