FAQ: Blog Contributors

How do I be a contributor?

Drop us a DM on Instagram @pawjourr or simply get registered on our blog as an author!

As a registered author, you’re able to write multiple articles at your own pace as and when you like! There is also no number of words required for each article.

What can I write about?

Pawjourr advocate genuine experiences and knowledge. Here are some questions you can ask yourself while brainstorming for a topic!

  • Have my pet thrived on a particular product or diet?
  • What have I successfully accomplished as a pet owner which I hope more owners can learn about?
  • Learnt something the hard way which no owners should have been through?
  • Have my pet suffered from a particular medical condition?
  • What aspects of advice did I look out for as a new pet owner?
  • What is important to me and my pet?
  • How can I help new pet owners?
  • What are some issues that pet owners should be made aware and knowledgeable about?

As a #nofilter content hub, contributors are allowed to write their thoughts and feelings so long as there is no factually wrong information. You don’t have to worry

Don’t forget to use headings to section your writing if you are mentioning different points!

After submitting to the workflow, there will be a review process before your article gets published.

Is there a word limit?

There are absolutely no restrictions on the word limit. However, all articles should be substantial. We suggest separating your idea into different articles with an area of focus each.

Thank you!

As a form of appreciation, we offer a minimum USD2.50 for every article written by a contributor. The intention is for contributors to share their experiences.

The amount reflected in the writer dashboard is in USD. The minimum amount of each withdrawal is USD$10, with payment methods via PayNow, Paypal or bank transfer. Click here to withdraw your fees!

Have any queries? Drop us a DM and we may or may not send you memes. 😉

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