Grooming Tips for Puppy

Is grooming puppies a very difficult task for you? Is your pup very fidgeting and energetic? Here are some tips that you can try on your pup!

Hoshi is an 8 months old tri-color shetland, we have been grooming Hoshi on our own, mainly because he is still a puppy. We have only brought him to the groomer once, and we absolutely loved the services provided and the cut.

The basic grooming routine ✂️ that we do for Hoshi consists of trimming his nails, shaving his paw pads and potty areas, brushing his teeth, and cleaning his ears. We usually take about 1 hour to do each item in the routine because Hoshi can’t stay still. Hoshi hates grooming especially brushing his teeth. We always have a very hard time trying to groom him, as he will try to move around and escape.

#Tip 1

Treats! 🍗

Have plenty of treats prepared to distract your doggo while you groom him/her. Other than distracting, you can use treats to rewards your doggo. Here are some of the treats that we use for Hoshi during grooming:

  1. Chews
  2. Purree

#Tip 2

Have more hands on deck! 🙌🏻

After trying a lot of different methods to groom him on our own, we figured out that having more people on board makes the process a lot easier. So we tend to have 3 pairs of hands when we groom Hoshi –> Hoomum, Hoodad, and Hooaunt! Hoomum would hold Hoshi down, while Hooaunt would do the grooming and Hoodad will distract Hoshi by praising him and giving him treats.


Stagger grooming timings ⌛

For Hoshi, completing 1 item in the routine takes about 1 hour. To complete the whole routine in 1 night, would be impossible for both the hoomans and doggo. Thus, we would split the grooming into days, and it not only helped us to take a break but also let Hoshi be more comfortable with us grooming him. Another tip that you can use would be to groom your doggos when they are about to sleep 🛏️! We usually groom Hoshi right before his bedtime, so he’s tired and would not struggle as much!

That’s all for the tips! Do try them on your puppies and let me know if it works! If you have any tips, please do share them with me too 🙂 Hope this helps you, even if you didn’t manage to groom your doggo, don’t give up! 😊

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