Help! I have a picky dog!

When you have a picky furkid, it leads to constant headaches worrying about what treats & food to buy. Afraid that he/she may reject the food. There have been many frustrating moments whereby I buy Gigi’s treats in bulk (especially during a good sale) & I realise that she doesn’t even like them!

Here are my top 5 picks of treats for other furkids who are picky like Gigi – all tried & tested on the queen of treats.

  1. Tumeke Friend Air Dried Dog Snacks Gourmet Beef
Tumeke Friend Air Dried Dog Snack

Holy cow (pun intended) does Gigi go CRAZY for these treats! They’re air dried and the smell is pretty strong which is one of the reasons why Gigi cannot resist these tasty treats. They make great food toppers too, I love to spice up Gigi’s daily kibbles & toppers are one of the ways I do that.

2. Vitakraft Dog Sticks

Vitakraft Dog Stick Seafood

I was pretty hesitant at first when my friends recommended these dog sticks to me. But dangggg was I taken by surprise! The second I ripped open the packaging, she was immediately seated at my feet. I have to admit the smell of the meat is strong, I can tell why it makes such a great treat for picky dogs. Plus, the stick is easy to tear into bite-sized pieces to suit your furkid’s size.

3. K9 Natural Freeze Dried

My next 2 picks are both designed as meal toppers but they make great bite-sized treats too! Whether it’s for training or to be used in puzzle toys, freeze-dried meal toppers do a great job!

K9 Natural has always been one of our favourites and has never failed to tantalise Gigi’s tastebuds. Her favourite is the Hoki & beef feast! K9 Natural is one of the best in terms of quality treats/food. It may be a little pricier but it’s worth it when I can use it both as a meal topper & treat!

4. Instinct Raw Boost Mixers

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Immune Health

We were recently introduced to the Instinct Pet brand and we have been loyal customers ever since. Double points for its amazing quality & affordability when it comes to freeze-dried food. I highly highly recommend Instinct Pet if you are checking out freeze-dried options. They have a wide range of variants to choose from as well that help to target specific health needs such as gut health and immune health. If you’re considering Instinct Pet, check out their wet pouch line as well! It’s a must-have for us!

5. Dehydrated Treats

Truffleruffel Turmeric Pork Tendon

You can never go wrong with dehydrated treats. Whether you make them yourself or get them from a small treats business, dehydrated treats are our top picks because they’re healthy – no added preservatives or chemicals, plus they’re super delicious! There are different recipes that add on herbs such as turmeric & rosemary or toppings such as cheese. The recipes available are endless!

Pawjourr is my go-to platform when it comes to sampling out food for Gigi. What’s better than free samples am I right? You can try out all of our top picks from Pawjourr’s sampling platform and find your furkid’s next favourite treat!

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