How did Tuti and Yuki become stars on Tiktok?

How did we start?

We are two sisters who stumbled upon Tiktok in August 2019. Out of curiosity, we downloaded it. We were just scrolling through and came across a “petswave” trend. We found it cute, and thought of trying it out. Within a few minutes of posting, there were already views, likes and comments. By the next day, it was already 20,000 views.

After the first video, we started to grow a huge interest in Tiktok. We decided to try a dance that was trending on Tiktok. We thought to ourselves that since people liked the first video, which was Tuti nodding her head and swaying, people would like her dancing. To our surprise, it got 100,000 views in a day.

What were the challenges we faced?

Even though we did trends and had views for some of our videos at the start, not every video thereafter did well. There were also some videos that did not do well. We did struggle for some time to find our niche. We kept trying trends and never gave up even when we didn’t get views or followers.

Cats are not easy to train, we would reward them with snacks after completing a Tiktok video. To add on, coming up with creative content ideas was tough as well. Not every trend was easy to fit into our niche. Sometimes, we would not be able to execute some ideas and have to think of others.

How did we gain 800,000 followers?

Our account grew slowly. It was only after we found our niche that we were able to grow more. When we did Yuki’s first positive video, we had around 100,000 followers. Yuki’s positive video was what people loved, and finally we found a niche for Yuki! We found Tuti’s niche by doing a trend which showed a point of view of Tuti being a boss cat, and it went viral with over 13 million views!

How do we come up with content ideas?

Content ideas are not easy, and we struggle till today to come up with them! There are also videos that we have done but never posted because we feel like the execution is poor.

It does take up time, Tiktok videos are mostly 15-60 seconds, but it mostly takes us hours to execute just one video.

Why we love doing Tiktoks?

After getting known for Yuki’s positive videos, we would receive messages everyday on our Tiktok and on our Instagram, of how much Yuki’s video has helped them! It is truly heartwarming, as we didn’t expect we could be helping people. People started saying that even Tuti makes them happy!

As for Yuki’s positive videos, we would use our own emotions and feelings to keep it as real as possible.

We are extremely grateful for all of our supporters! It feels surreal that we receive fan arts and fan edits everyday. We never thought we would reach this far the moment we started Tiktok.

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    Wow, 800K followers is amazing!!

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