How to be selected as a petfluencer for a campaign?

1. Be a registered petfluencer under The Woof Agency


The Woof Agency is always on the look-out for great pet profiles to join our network. You don’t have to be @grumpycat to get the opportunity to work on campaigns! Not into kibbles? No pressure – you have full control over the type of campaigns you are interested in

If you are interested to be part of the #cool kids, fill-up the form now! For now, we accept all pets – dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters from all countries as we operate globally. Note that only public profiles with pets-only content will be accepted.

2. Proven track record of having good posts


By good posts, we mean high-quality photos accompanied by a well thought out captions. What exactly do you like about the sponsored product? Share them with your followers!

Petfluencers are generally expected to do an Instagram post within a week, after receiving the sponsored products.

3. Have a high engagement rate


As a general rule, we look for profiles with at least a 5% engagement rate to take on campaigns. You can check your profile’s engagement rate here.

Here are some tips on how to increase your profile’s engagement rate!

  • Post consistently
  • Have a visually consistent feed
  • Promote your Instagram profile on other social accounts
  • Track and learn from your best-performing Instagram content

Other factors taken into consideration would be the number of comments your posts get.

4. Campaign-specific requirements


Depending on the campaign specifics, the brand may be looking for particular types of pets. Examples of campaign-specific requirements would be short-fur pets, pets with sensitive skin or a multi-pet household.

Profiles will only be selected if they meet these additional requirements.


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