How To Spend More Quality Time With Your Pet

As we are consumed by work, it is inevitable that we spend merely a few hours with our most precious furry companions every day. However, rather than thinking that this should be the least of our concerns, we should realize that even our most popular dog influencers and cat influencers can get stressed out and sad due to loneliness as well. Here are some tips you should follow to ensure that your favourite fur-friend gets to spend quality time with you:

Go on pet-friendly outings!

One easy way to do so is to take out some time during the weekends just to spend it exclusively with your pet, and what better way to do so than to bring your pet to pet-friendly areas and events? Be it just a neighbourhood walk at the park or a large-scale pet-friendly event, your pet will definitely enjoy its time socializing with new (human and animal) buddies, and exploring rather than being cooped up at home alone. You don’t necessarily have to organize social outings with other owners and pets, but do take note that pet-friendly areas are often crowded during weekends!

 Do things for your pet

Doing things for your pet is an indirect way of spending some good bonding time with your fur-friends. Be it cooking up a new treat recipe, or making something for your pet like DIY-ing a pet collar, your pet and you can enjoy the quality time spent. Not only will your furry companion appreciate its new gift, but you might also be able to pick up a new hobby and make some new friends along the way. Many pet owners and pet-related companies post up free recipes and tips online, and some of them may also organize affordable workshops for such activities.

 Spend more time with your fur-friend (literally)

If you can’t afford to take the time and energy out when you are on a tight schedule, just remember that even a few minutes alone with your fur-friend everyday will make it happier than usual. Be it just allowing your pet to cuddle up next to you or a short 15-minute walk, such little moments together can also contribute to improving your overall relationship with your furry friend.

Most importantly, do remember that you should never make any excuses when it comes to spending quality time with your pet. No amount of Instagram likes, followers and comments can replace actual bonding moments and make your pet happier.

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