Keeping beach outings fun and safe

The sun’s out, and now that we are able to visit the beach again, many of us are excited to bring our dogs to the beach! However, it is very important that us dog owners maintain good hygiene for the benefit of both our furkids and ourselves.

There have been recent reports on four individuals who visited Sentosa and developed skin irritation. And we know that our furkids are also susceptible to such infections. Here are our 5 tips to ensure that you and your furkid have a fun & safe beach outing.

1. Watch what they drink

Sometimes furkids end up drinking saltwater when they’re playing around in the sea. Drinking of salt water can lead to diarrhoea and an upset tummy so do be careful and keep a close eye on your pup while he plays in the water. 

Make sure you bring plenty of fresh water to keep your furkid hydrated. Pack along a collapsible bowl or a water dispenser in your bag the next time you visit the beach.

2. Wash up thoroughly after your outing

With Covid-19 still prevalent, we all have to continue being vigilant and maintaining good personal hygiene that keeps both hooman and furkids safe! 

For hooman, if you are having a picnic by the beach do remember to sanitise your hands before eating. Wash your hands regularly as well and clean up before heading home(especially if you took a swim).

Similarly for our furkids, bathe them thoroughly before heading home – use soap for a more thorough cleanse. Dogs may get a build up of sand and salt in their fur that can cause skin irritation. So remember to scrub them down to avoid any skin irritation or flare ups. 

3. Prevent sunburn

Our furkids are susceptible to sunburn just like us and it can cause a risk of skin cancer. Breeds that have light skin & fur or have a short coat are more prone to getting sun burnt. Take special care around the ears and nose as these areas are more sensitive. 

Avoid staying in the sun for too Long. My recommendation is for sunlight exposure to be less than an hour. If your pup is prone to getting sunburn, find a shady area and let your pup rest in the shade intermittently while playing in the sun. 

4. Look out for open wounds

We have all heard that salt water is good for wounds right? Yes that is true! But sea water is not equivalent to salt water. In addition to salt, seawater also contains bacteria which can be harmful. These bacteria can lead to the wound becoming infected.

Before your pup goes running into the sea, check his body for any open wounds. Dogs with open wounds are not recommended to go Swimming in sea water. 

Have some fun in the sand instead, keep the wound dry and Ensure proper follow up care. If the wound is serious, bring your dog to the vet for proper treatment.

5. Jellyfish alert!

Earlier this year, there were reports of people getting stung by the deadly box jellyfish at various beaches in Singapore. This creature has been spotted at Sentosa, Lazarus Island, East Coast Park and St John’s Island. The boxed jellyfish is a venomous marine creature whose sting can be fatal to both dogs and humans.

It is very very crucial to be vigilant when visiting the beach and swimming in the water. Look out for any possible sightings of the boxed jellyfish and keep your furkid away from the water. If you spot one of these jellyfish, warn those who are swimming of the danger. 

If you or your furkid gets stung by a boxed jellyfish, go to the vet or hospital immediately to get treated. For emergency first-aid, soak the stung area in seawater, vinegar or a 70% alcohol solution. If the tentacles are still stuck around your furkid, pull off the remaining tentacles with a stick or towel but be careful not to rub them or touch them with your bare hands.

With these tips, you will be ready and equipped for your next beach outing! With preparation and caution, you can both enjoy a great day at the beach. Do remember to maintain social distancing and be responsible while having fun. 

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