Meet Oscar: The internet-famous Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Have you ever had a dream where your pet turned out to be famous? Well for Oscar, he lives that dream everyday. However, it’s not the glamorous walk in the dog park that we all think it is.

Read on to learn about Oscar’s rise to internet fame, and some tips and tricks from his hooman on how to juggle caring for your pet along with other commitments.

Q: How did Oscar’s life as a pet influencer begin?

To be frank, it actually started without us knowing! If we have to say, the answer probably is linked to his Facebook page where we usually interact with his fans from the United States where they also realised that they can follow Oscar on his Instagram account.

For locals, we are honoured and lucky to be spotted by the Youth.SG team and that started our local interviews with the media (AsiaOne, TODAY and SPH Newspaper for primary school on Pet Influencer).

Q: During Circuit Breaker, how was his life as a pet influencer affected?

Surprisingly, his followers’ counts went up and more people leaving comments and private messaging him during the Circuit Breaker and lockdowns from other countries. I guess it’s probably because people are spending more time at home and hence, having additional time to access the social media.

Q: What other commitments do you have in addition to managing Oscar’s influencer lifestyle? (i.e. full-time job, etc)

I have a full time job in the F&B industry. On top of that, I also manage all the social media platforms for Oscar and also our online ‘pushcart’ on Oscar’s website where he sells his own merchandise, designed exclusively by us.

Q: How do you juggle between caring for Oscar and managing these commitments?   

I would never be able to cope by myself despite him being the goodest boy at home. My family members play a big part in caring for him and ensuring that he receives the attention from everyone in the household. Raising and having a pet should never be a stress to yourself!

Other than getting help from my family, I spend all of my time with him at home or going for a long walk with him daily.

Q: During Circuit Breaker, was there anything you needed to do differently in order to care for Oscar?

Nope! Sometimes when I work from home, he enjoys my accompany but would stare at me for the longest time probably thinking why am I home most of the day. Haha! We still do whatever we need to do, but ensure additional safety measures are carried out.

Q: Of all the photos you’ve taken of Oscar on social media, what are some of your favourites and why?

He has way too many photos from my favourites but if I have to choose, it definitely has to be this few! I love action shots and I can never shoot that on my own. Do not be surprised but it’s really hard to control a dog and a camera at the same time!

Those photos are one of the few rare moments where I get additional help. I also love his big bright eyes! It brings out the happy and cheerful character in him.

Check out Oscar’s Instagram page and website to keep up with his life!


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