Say Goodbye to Buyer’s Remorse with Pawjourr Sampling!

Do you know that pet owners can redeem samples for their pet?

Sampling programs help owners locate and identify the best pet food variant suitable for their pets. It helps to save time and money, especially so for new pet owners who may be unfamiliar with their pet’s food preferences.

Each sampling program depends on their distributor – Here at Pawjourr, we offer free samples in exchange for reviews. This means that pet owners are able to redeem up to 5 FREE assorted samples within one transaction. After trying and reviewing them on our main site, their cart opens up once more and they can proceed with a new transaction.

Pawjourr+ members can redeem up to 5 premium or non-premium free samples, while non-members are entitled to 5 slots (excludes free access to premium samples). 

We interviewed lexi.the.spitz to find out more about their experience with Pawjourr sampling program! Read on below to find out if we are the sampling program for you!

Photo Credit: Instagram @lexi.the.spitz

What is your main concern when it comes to providing for Lexi? (in terms of food etc)

Lexi truly enjoys eating all kinds of food! However, it is always reassuring to know that food or supplements are well-liked by her before committing or purchasing the full-sized product.

For grooming and cleaning products, it is important for us to check the effectiveness of it for Lexi’s current needs. My family has a really sensitive nose so the products have to be well-scented. We would also like to ensure she has no allergic reactions to the product.

Lastly, being more budget-conscious, I would only be willing to pay knowing that a product is really good for my dog. It also reduces wastage since you only buy products that you have confidence in!

How did you hear about Pawjourr’s Sampling system?

I was first introduced to Pawjourr through Instagram stories by various pet owners. They had just expanded their product redemptions from 3 to 5 items and had released a full-size sample product! After seeing several more stories about Pawjourr, it led me to sign up for their Pawjourr+ membership to give it a try.

How was the redemption process like?

It has been really simple and smooth since the beginning! The website is easily accessible on your phone or laptop, and you’d be spoilt for choice with the number of samples available! Each sample would include the ingredients used, where you could buy it and reviews from past user redemptions.

With a flat delivery fee, the item usually arrives at my doorstep within a few days.

Just for fun, I also did a 1-minute cart out challenge for Pawjourr’s sampling redemption! My record is currently at 40 seconds!

Double click to watch their 1-minute cart out challenge!

Awesome! We are impressed at the speed of your check out. What kind of Samples have you redeemed thus far?

We have redeemed all kinds of samples through Pawjourr – wet canned food, kibbles, dental chews, pee pad, waste bags, food toppers, single-ingredient treats, supplements, grooming and cleaning essentials.

Dry/Wet Food Samples

Grooming and Cleaning Samples

Each sample would include the ingredients used, where you could buy it and reviews from past user redemptions.


Treats (Dental/Single-ingredient/General)

What appeals to you most about Pawjourr’s samples?

The sample sizes always come in ample quantities and are well-sealed! Even when it is repackaged, the team at Pawjourr labels it clearly.

There have been a few brands that have given wonderful full-sized products such as JJ E-Homes Pee Pad Pack, Chuku’s Kitchen, The Grateful Dog Ready Meals and OneV.

Photo Credit: Instagram @lexi.the.sptiz

Treats are always Lexi’s favourites!


Samples are a great way to get to know your dog’s needs or wants. These can be exemplified by the incidents below.

Incident 1

We were looking for a new kibble to let Lexi try, and my mum was eyeing the Absolute Holistic Vegan Diet with Oats and Peas. For a dog who loves all kinds of food, this was the first time she outright rejected the kibble on its own. She would only begrudgingly eat the kibble when mixed with her other food. We were thankful that we did not commit to buying it!

Incident 2

With the release of supplements, it gave Lexi a chance to try all types ranging from chews, soft gels, powdered and tablets. Some tablets were too large and she simply would not swallow it even when mixed with food. For the smaller tablets, she could only eat it when hidden into her meals. After that experience, I would only purchase supplements in soft chew form.

Lexi’s supplement collection so far!

Through the positive and not-so-positive experiences, sampling allows pet owners to understand their dog’s likes and dislikes. It allows us as owners to make the best decision for them when purchasing new products.

Do you recommend sampling from Pawjourr? Why or why not?

We highly recommend everyone to try sampling from Pawjourr as it can benefit all kinds of pet owners! Whether you are just curious and would like to try more doggy products, or considering purchasing an item but aren’t sure whether your dog would like it – Pawjourr sampling helps resolve it!

Personally, it has been a lot of fun trying out different products, writing reviews and taking photos and videos of Lexi! It gives me a reason to spend time with her and capture precious moments. She definitely enjoys the fruits of her labour (aka. treats) too!

Since being with Pawjourr’s sampling programme, it has helped me to understand Lexi’s likes and dislikes. It introduced me as a first-time dog owner to the huge variety of products available to dogs! Most importantly, the products purchased after trying them through Pawjourr’s sampling programme are those that I have full confidence in. Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse! 😉

Have you since re-purchased any of the samples?

Yes, we have found a few brands or products that we enjoyed! There are many other samples the hooman would like to re-purchase, but it takes some time for one dog to go through her food and treats.

Here is the list of samples we eventually purchased:

Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner

The smell is really lovely, and Lexi kept sniffing it. The effects were immediately soft fur! As a bonus, the price is incredibly reasonable for a good amount.

Pet Natural’s of Vermont Daily Probiotic

I fell in love with the cute bone-like shape! I was honestly kind of disappointed when the full-size product from iHerb came in a rectangular shape instead. It has a stronger smell because it’s duck flavoured. Love how it has pre-and probiotics in one tiny chew!

Instinct Grain-free Wet Topper

Lexi really enjoyed the wet topper provided in the sample! When Pawjourr finally released the full-sized product on their Shopee shop, we decided to get a different kind under their limited ingredients series (lamb/turkey). It is individually packed to mix up your dog’s meals!

Chuku’s Kitchen Fresh Food

Eco-friendly packaging, customized meals based on each pup’s nutritional requirements, fresh and delicious fuss-free meals for your dog. Bought one subscription to help with Lexi’s post-spay healing. She was jumping like a kangaroo by the end of it!


Though the price-point is a little much for this hooman, I got these at a great deal during their clearance promotion. My favourite must-have item from Doggiebalm is the Natural Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner!

Natural Cologne Spritz

It left a great smell on my dog and clothes for a few days. Great to cover-up the “dog” smell or to freshen up in-between baths.

100% Natural Leave-in Conditioner

Bought it to assist during brushing sessions, as it helps to detangle her fur.

Natural Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

A soap-free quick rinse-off formula that is similar to castile soap. It works great after walks or for weekly freshening up (especially during hot weather seasons) without drying out your dog’s hair.

NaturVet Tear Stain Supplement

I like supplements which look like treats since Lexi is extremely food motivated. Since trying the product, her tears will still occur (it’s not a miracle worker). However, we clean her eyes at least twice a day after meals and it prevents the staining.

Check out Pawjourr’s sampling program here to redeem your free samples 🙂

Thank you lexi.the.spitz for their invaluable input. Follow them via Instagram.

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