All you need to know about ambassadorshipsAll you need to know about ambassadorships

All you need to know about ambassadorships

Damien PohOctober 03, 2022

Exploring the benefits of brand ambassadors? You’re in luck! This article serves as a guide to ambassadorships. Read on to find out more!

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Sponsorships vs ExclusivitySponsorships vs Exclusivity

Sponsorships vs Exclusivity

PawjourrNovember 19, 2021

Everybody knows what sponsorships are — at least vaguely. We last explored how to get your pet sponsored too. However, there is another category of partnerships. Exclusivity. How are they different? Is one better than the other? Lets know more about exclusivity and understand why it is an equally valid strategy for Pet Influencers. Definitions […]

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