Stories from the Community: All about Spitzes!

Japanese Spitzes are one of the most popular dog breeds for owners in Singapore, with more and more people starting to adopt/purchase them.

To shed some light on what it’s like living with a Spitz, Pawjourr had a chat with the hoomans of Orithespitz, legendthespitz and hweeventures to learn about their experiences!

In this first article, we’ll be discussing some essential items you need when caring for a Spitz, the journey through puppyhood, and some common myths about these loveable furballs!

Introduce Yourselves!

Orithespitz (O): Ori is an extremely energetic dog who is in constant need for affection, love, and cuddles from his hoomans! At any given time, one part of his body must be touching us, and he seeks comfort in us whenever he gets frightened. Despite these, his biggest joy in life probably comes from food and he would drop anything to be given a snack of any kind.

Legendthespitz (L): Legend is pretty much a hyperactive kiddo and he has grown to be more affectionate towards us ever since CB started! Oh yes, Legend is a greedy boy too, forever eyeing on our food tho he just had his dinner! I’d say he is mischievous, greedy and cuddly.

Hweeventures (H): Hwee is a chill pill who thinks she’s the boss of the house. She’s an absolute joke and loves juding her humans (especially when you don’t feed her). She’s an absolute softie and loves cuddles. You’re only allowed to love her and only her. On a daily basis, she makes us laugh with her silly antics. So I guess to sum it up, she’s a bossy, drama, derpy princess who loves being loved!

Q: What were some of your must-have products when you first brought your dogs home?

L: Potty training aid! It took Legend a few hours to do his business on the pee tray. Be prepared that the training aid will stink up the apartment! Also, we would give Legend positive reinforcement when he peed/poop-ed on the pee tray.

On top of that, Pet Stain & Odour Remover as well, it was a life saver when it came to potty messes! it helps to eliminate stains and odours on the floor and keeps them from marking the same spots! Absorb Plus AntiBacterial Pet Wipes are also definitely a must have! We’ve been using it since the day we brought Legend home.

Brushes are also very important to have. As Spitzes are double-coated, they shed like mad at least twice a year. We brushed his fur once every 2-3 days to remove the loose and dead hair.

H: When we first brought her home, we didn’t have any items for her and we panicked! We picked up the necessaries such as pee pads, bowls for water/food and other toiletries. We also got her a toy so she had some company as she’d probably need a friend too!

However, most of the essentials we bought didn’t last 3 months, as we ended up buying her better quality necessities and accessories. Some of our great essentials now include our no rinse paw cleanser, absorb plus pet wipes and sturdy collars and leashes.

ALSO! Remember to puppy-proof the house, as Hwee used to love rummaging through the trash and tearing the tissue paper inside. She also spent her initial days stealing bread that we left around the house!

O: We honestly weren’t sure what were essential items to buy when we first got Ori, as we were just too excited to get a puppy! We ended up getting a lot of hand-me-downs from a friend, which consisted of an old collar and leash, an old cage, some old odour and stain remover and the few things that the pet store told us to purchase (de-wormer, ear cleaner).

Q: What was it like during the first few days of having a Spitz?

H: When she first came home, she didn’t need much introduction because she immediately jumped on our sofa and made herself comfy! We did however need to familiarise her with where to pee in the house and she was pretty confused, so we had many incidents of us cleaning up the wooden floors!

During the adjustment period, we felt it was important to let her make her own decisions about where she wanted to eat her dinner, sleep and other things. Granted boundaries were important, but we felt like getting her comfortable was more important for us because we wanted her to feel at home.

O: There was only myself and my husband to be introduced to, and he quickly adjusted to us. He bounded onto our laps whenever we came home. Instead of him adjusting to us, it was us trying to adjust our daily schedules so that we could rush home as early as possible to be with our bundle of joy. I remember skipping lunch just to rush home!

L: Legend was really nervous on his first day home, which is normal because of the new environment and unfamiliar faces. Legend and my mom clicked right away, and she started showing him around the house. we let him run around to familiarise himself before putting him in the crate. I believe it is important to leave your puppy in the crate to set boundaries.

Q: Is the daily routine of a Spitz any different from other dog breeds?

O: I would think that Spitzes are very playful with mostly great energy levels, so they do require some mental and physical stimulation ever day. I enjoy doing simple training + IQ toys, as well as long walks to keep him going!

H: I think because Spitzes are highly social, they prefer to interact with their humans all the time! So, I believe that’s a bit different. Spitzes need to cuddle and show their humans love in some ways, as compared to some dogs who are fully okay if you leave them alone!

Other than that, I think the daily routine is quite similar, just that you probably need to vacuum the house a little bit more!

L: Spitzes generally possess high energy levels and thus daily walks or any interactive activities would be good for them!

For Legend’s case, he loves zoomies and running around freely with no restrictions. We’ll usually bring him to an open field for him to do free runs! And yes, DO vacuum the floor daily!

Q: What are some common myths about Spitzes that you think should be addressed?

O: The biggest myth is that they shed twice a year. In reality, they shed ALL the time! We end up vacuuming the entire house only to find a floating fur ball just five minutes later, and we ended up investing in a robot vacuum that specialises in animal fur!

H: I have 2 myths!

Myth 1: Some people say spitzes are home bodies and don’t need to be walked regularly.

In reality, I think it’s so important for dogs to go on regular walks! They should be exposed to and comfortable with the environment around them, as it’ll help to build their confidence and the difference is really apparent!

As a bonus, your dog also has the chance to meet other dogs and socialise, which is good for them. Hwee had a hard time doing that because she wasn’t properly social at a young age, so it took a bit of time to correct that.

Myth 2: Japanese Spitzes are made for the cold.

NOPE! In reality, they actually prefer milder temperatures, but I think that differs from dog to dog as well. Hwee prefers sleeping in our bed under the blanket! We usually leave the air-con on at night, so it might be a sign that she prefers slightly cooler temperatures. I do know of dogs who prefer sleeping on the floor though.

L: I agree with Ori’s hooman, they shed every SINGLE day! But I do notice that heavy shedding occurs once every 3-4 months.

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THE WOOF AGENCY would like to thank Orithespitz, legendthespitz and hweeventures for sharing about their experiences!

In the coming weeks, Pawjourr will also be sharing about some dieting and health tips when it comes to caring for Japanese Spitzes. Stay tuned for those articles!

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