How having a dog changed my life.

It’s…. officially 9 months 5 days since I had my first dog, and it’s been a helluva ride for me. Well, do not mistake me when I say that. This helluva ride kinda changed my lifestyle, my habits for the better, though twenty percent of the time, I had my eyeballs rolled after every mess my dearest pup made:)

My first experience with an Animal Communicator

Meet Nicole, a full-time animal communicator who helps pet owners learn more about what their pet is thinking and feeling!

Read on to learn more about her experiences, and to learn the kind of questions you may want to ask her as well!


5 Effective Tips to Train your Dog

We know that training your fur kid on your own can sometimes be frustrating and difficult… As such, we want to change that for you and help you through the process. Recently, we have collaborated with a professional dog trainer, Darren Yew (@MyDogsAdventuressg) to share some dog training tips with our pawrents. He was aspired to become a dog trainer since young and finally got to pursue his dream career as a dog trainer!

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