Toxic household items for cats you may not know about!

Have you ever randomly Google things like “Can cats eat ____?” or “Are ____ poisonous to cats?”

Well, I always do. As a first-time cat owner, there are many things that I learned along the way (most of which were from my dear friend Google).

Facts about Cat’s Tail and What are they trying to tell you?

Cats are notoriously hard to read. But since they use their tail as a form of communication, that will give you an idea of your cat’s current mood and what might happen next!

Brownie claiming the master bed to herself

Adopting Brownie, a Foster Fail

I’ve always had a fascination for cats from the time I was little. One of the many cat-related stories of me as a child was how I catnapped several kittens without my dad’s knowledge. We were followed by what seems to be their mother and rightfully so, I had returned them to her.

Dental Scaling for Pets

Dental scaling is one of the most important health topic yet it is a procedure that is not commonly done so by pet owners. What is dental scaling? Why is dental scaling important? What are the risks of dental scaling?


How To Choose A Suitable Diet

Even the best dog influencers and cat influencers out there have to be ensured a healthy diet to stay strong and active. There are a diverse variety of pet food options out there, but which types of foods are truly the best for your furkid? Here are some points to consider if you are in a dilemma over a suitable food option for your own pet:


Where Should Your Pet Go When You Are On Holiday

Sometimes, you just might need a break from Singapore or just a break from work or school with a mini staycation, but you are in a dilemma as to where to bring your furry friend. Even the most popular pet influencers have to be banned from most holiday areas that are strictly out of bounds to pets. But fret not, as here are some words of advice to follow when you are troubled about holiday plans with your favourite fur-friends:

How To Spend More Quality Time With Your Pet

As we are consumed by work, it is inevitable that we spend merely a few hours with our most precious furry companions every day. However, rather than thinking that this should be the least of our concerns, we should realize that even our most popular dog influencers and cat influencers can get stressed out and sad due to loneliness as well. Here are some tips you should follow to ensure that your favourite fur-friend gets to spend quality time with you:

Importing your pet into Singapore

Having a pet is a life-long commitment. The second you decide to bring a furbaby into your life, it’s imperative to follow it through and care for it to your best ability, even if it means traversing across the world with it.

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