How A One-Year Old Got Diagnosed With Grade 3 Patellar Luxation

Katsu has always been the lively kid in the neighborhood. He enjoys zoomies every night and after showers. Not forgetting the daily routine of jumping on hoomans at home and playing fetch every other hour to burn off his excess energy. However, reality struck us one month after his first birthday.

Tips on Rehabilitating & Training a Fearful Dog

We have been very happy to receive questions from new adopters and fellow owners who are having a hard time with their skittish and fearful dog. Since we have already been sharing so much on instagram, might as well document it down! I have still yet to meet/hear from any owner who has a fearful dog to the extent of Mayo so I’m not sure how much these tips will help because most dogs are better off hahaha which is a good thing ok!

Hip Hip Hooray!…or Nay?

In early July 2020, our family was met with some unexpected news. Our dog Hana was not only diagnosed with patellar luxation in her hind legs, but also hip dysplasia, at the tender age of 9 months. It was a double whammy for us. Between January to June, we had already made multiple trips to the vet to treat a variety of ongoing issues. But what made the situation even worse was the fact that Hana had already been displaying early symptoms of both conditions—right under our noses.