Meet Chefs and Dogs, the TikTok star with more than 1M followers

Do you feed your dogs raw? Feeding of raw meat-based diets to pets has become an increasingly popular trend amongst pet owners in recent years.

If you are a TikTok fan, loves #ASMR and intrigued by the world of raw feeding, you would have definitely heard about Chefs and Dogs, who has since gathered more than 1M followers on their Tik Tok channel! 🥓

How did Tuti and Yuki become stars on Tiktok?

We are two sisters who stumbled upon Tiktok in August 2019. Out of curiosity, we downloaded it. We were just scrolling through and came across a “petswave” trend. We found it cute, and thought of trying it out. Within a few minutes of posting, there were already views, likes and comments. By the next day, it was already 20,000 views.

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