Gift Guide 2020 for Pets (Dogs / Cats)

The art of giving is one that some of us are gifted with and others are not. This gift guide for those struggling to find the right gift for your precious fur kid, or someone else’s! There is no more need to Google: “Best presents for dogs”, “Best presents for cats” or, “Best presents for pets”.

We have summed up some brilliant Christmas Gift ideas for you, so you can spend more time enjoying the holidays with your loved ones and less time fretting over the search for presents.

Review of Nylabones from a landshark

I have a puppy who is about 20 weeks now. Overall, Donut (my pup) has lost about 8 teeth, and currently, she is still busy biting everything that’s insight. We’ve bought her KONGs which I did a review of here. We’ve also heard good things about Nylabones so we gave some of those toys a try as well.

Find my landshark’s review of Nylabones below:

My rabbit’s favorite toys that I recommend you to try

Ever wondered how intelligent your furry friends with long ears are? Well, they are actually more intelligent than you think. Rabbits have about the same IQ as the average cat or dog, and given their IQ, they need constant mental and physical stimulation with toys and plenty of exercise. It is important to change toys every once in a while so that they do not get bored. Just like us humans, rabbits will get bored very easily if they were made to eat the same foods, do the same things or play with the same exact toys everyday without a change in routine.

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