Top 5 Tik Tok challenges to try with your pets

Tik Tok: I’m sure many of you should know, or at least have heard about this social media platform before. The app is commonly used by the younger crowd as an outlet to express themselves through the content that they create and share across the community. It usually comes in the form of singing, dancing, comedy sketches and sometimes even lip syncing. The list goes on!

Of course, another popular type of “challenge” content on TikTok are those that involve our favourite furkids. As the use of this social media platform has been on the rise lately, we’ll be sharing some fun TikTok trends for you to try with you furbabies! 

1. Imaginary Treats Challenge 

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Bring out your pet’s favourite treats and pretend to put a handful of it in your hands then “feed” it to them one by one. Watch them get confused as they continue to gobble down their imaginary treats!

More often than not, they tend to realise the game that we’re playing and they end up just looking at you with pure disappointment.

We highly recommend feeding them real treats after that!

2. Giving your pet a confusing command Challenge

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For this challenge, you’ll need to prepare your pet for their meal or treat, and have them stay put while they wait for their command word to eat.

Here’s the twist: Rather than giving them their command word such as “okay!”, say something else like “octopus” or “oklahoma” to confuse them. Watch them rush towards their food and stop after realisation. So cute!

3. Obstacle Challenge 


Let this be the test of your furbaby’s grace! Set up an obstacle course of objects on the floor to block the walkway and see how your kitty or pup manages to move through the obstacle without knocking anything over. 

Most of the time, though, our feline friends have seemed to have the upper hand. Let us know how your pets fared with this challenge in the comments below!

4. Blanket Challenge 


It’s magic time! Trick your dog into thinking that you’ve disappeared by holding up a blanket to cover yourself and then running away as you drop it.

Make sure to have your cameras set up to watch their adorable reaction as they wonder where you went, and start to search all over the place for you!

5. Level Up Challenge 

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Here’s a perfect challenge for you after you’ve stocked up the toilet roll supply at home! With this challenge, you’ll get to test your pet’s agility by having them jump over a toilet roll wall that gets taller with each level. Prepared to be impressed by what great heights your furbaby will be able to achieve!

Have a challenge that we missed out on? Let us know in the comments!


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