What to Do After Your Pet Arrives in Singapore

If you have not read my previous post on the paperwork for importing your pet, please do take a look at it here, before coming back here.

Up to the final paperwork, you can find all the information available on the Nparks website, but here are the bits that first-time importers may be unsure about. What happens after my pet arrives in Singapore?

After touchdown in Singapore

In Changi Airport
Welcome to Singapore / Welcome home!

Go through the arrival process as per normal and get your passport stamped. After picking up your luggage, go to the lost and found office at your arrival hall to submit the import licence and fill up a GST form. If your pet is in the cargo, they will then inform the staff to send your pet directly to Changi Animal and Plant Quarantine Station (CAPQ). If you are flying with your pet, you will handover your pet to the staff.

After leaving Changi Airport, head to Changi Airfreight Centre
Tip: There is no need to rush, grab a meal first if you are hungry

At the pass exchange counter, present the import licence and your IC to exchange for a pass. Make sure that your name matches that on the import licence as the importer.

Drive into CAPQ and make sure that your pass is displayed at all times.
Tip: To facilitate your entrance and exit, do not remove the luggage tags from your luggage so that the security knows it is yours, and not brought out of the checkpoint – trust me, I’ve done this 5 times.

At CAPQ, sign in and hand ALL original documents to the staff there. Depending on the speed of the staff, your pet may or may not already be there waiting for you. If they have yet to send the pet to the inspection office, then simply wait a little while.

After your pet arrives at the inspection office, it will be brought into an isolated room and you can go in to visit him/her while waiting for the paperwork to be processed. This will be a good time for you to rehydrate your pet, give it some treats/food, and let him/her do its toilet business.
Tip: If your dog/cat requires quarantine, you can also bring along a bed, a water and food bowl and pee tray. Whatever is left in the room will be brought together with the pet to Sembawang. As the room at Changi is a little cold, you might want to bring a small blanket for your dog/cat to snuggle up in if necessary.

If your pet requires quarantine, you will have to leave once everything is sorted out. Your pet will be transported to Sembawang Animal Quarantine Centre at 10am the same day/next working day. If your pet does not require quarantine, you can bring your pet out of CAPQ and go home.


At Sembawang Animal Quarantine Centre
On your first visit, there is some administrative work to be handled. You will need to sort out the check-in paperwork and make the balance payment. After you are done, they will tell you the kennel or cattery number your pet is in, so head on down to visit once you’ve sorted out the administrative work.

Be sure to bring along your pet’s favourite treats and toys, whatever he/she is comfortable and familiar with, so that the stay in quarantine is comfortable.
Tip: It will be good to use things that they are familiar with which you will want to dispose of, especially if you are staying in the non-air-conditioned rooms, as it can get pretty dirty (yes there are ticks too). Anything I can’t clean completely is thrown away after quarantine.

Visiting hours
Mon-Fri: 4pm – 6pm
Sat: 2pm – 6pm
Sun & PH: No visiting allowed

Walking Fields
Walking fields are open until 30 mins before the end of visiting hours. Please let the staff outside the kennels know when you wish to go for a walk so that they can schedule you a slot.

Shower Rooms
To reserve a shower room, let the counter staff know that you require a shower room and book a slot.

After Quarantine
On the day of release, you are able to pick up your pet from 10am to 12pm. They will hand you everything you have inside the room. You will wait outside the office as they bring your pet to you.

Things to take note of

Try to make sure that you are touching down in Singapore between 7am and 8pm from Monday to Saturday on non-public holidays. This is because the inspection office is closed from 10.30pm to 8am and on Sundays and public holidays. So if you arrive outside of the opening hours, your pet will be kept in its carrier at the inspection office till the staff arrives.

It is also better to travel during your pet’s natural sleeping hours so that they will feel less stressed during the flight.

It is important to crate train your dog/cat if you are flying in cargo. This can help to prevent unnecessary stress on your pet in the process. Same goes for during quarantine, do try to ensure your pet is crate trained as it will help prevent separation anxiety.

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