Where Should Your Pet Go When You Are On Holiday

Sometimes, you just might need a break from Singapore or just a break from work or school with a mini staycation, but you are in a dilemma as to where to bring your furry friend. Even the most popular pet influencers have to be banned from most holiday areas that are strictly out of bounds to pets. But fret not, as here are some words of advice to follow when you are troubled about holiday plans with your favourite fur-friends:

Bring It Along With You

It is good news to know that more and more staycation destinations are now pet-friendly! From huge chalets to luxurious hotels, a quick online check will list out quite a few recommended options. So if you can’t stand the thought of your pet separating from you, why not bring it on a mini getaway with you too? If you are considering a more expensive long-term stay overseas, you can also opt to bring your pet on a flight as some airlines are pet-friendly.

However do note that it is costly, and a lot of time has to be spent on logistics and ensuring that your pet will get used to the unfamiliar destination and sensations of being on a plane ride. Some countries also enforce a quarantine period, so do research properly on the destination country’s laws and regulations regarding pets.

Find A Trusted Temporary Owner

If you have little choice but to take a break without bringing your fur-friend along, a most budget-friendly option will be to find a trusted loved one to take care of your pet temporarily. However do remember to delegate responsibilities wisely, and ensure that you do not miss out on anything before your trip. The last thing you might want is your pet to suffer in the hands of someone who might not be trustworthy.

Experienced Daycares and Pet Hotels

To find someone with more relevant experience might also be a good option, despite it being more expensive. But it is always good to be careful, especially with the recent controversies about inappropriate treatment of pets at daycares and pet hotels. Looking out for good reviews online or from word-of-mouth is always advisable, and it is also good to check out the amenities and staff before making a final decision. Different places might also have different types of “schedules” or “experiences” for your pet’s stay, such as the type of food and playtime options offered to your pet, so also ensure that your pet is comfortable with such relevant experiences!

If you make a wise decision after considering all your options (and considering which option your pet is the most comfortable with), you do not need to worry that your fur-friend might feel upset that you are going on a trip. In fact, your furry companion might enjoy its time just as much as you!

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