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5 Unique things to do with your pet

PawjourrMarch 29, 2021~ 3 mins read

There’s not a better and cuter companion in life than your furbaby. Doing activities with your doggo can not only strengthen your bond but also promote mental and physical stimulation for your doggo. There’s plenty of activities that you can do with your furbaby, to keep that tail wagging.  

Take a Swim! 


Bring your furbaby on a trip to Singapore’s largest wet park Wag and Wild! If your furkid loves the water, it will definitely be a treat for them to visit Wag and Wild and swim. Join them for a swim in the park, not only can you keep an eye on them but also have fun with them in the pool! 

Information about Wag and Wild 

Playtimes are based on 1-hour slots with a 15 minutes grace period to leave the park and it’s advisable to not feed your furbaby anything 3-4 hours prior to the session to prevent regurgitation. With these regulations in place, do plan your time wisely before heading down to Wag and Wild. Doggos will also need to be rinsed before entering the pool to maintain cleanliness. 

Do take note that you will need to present a valid current annual vaccination or titer test record upon entry. There are allocated areas for the doggos to wash up, however, there are only changing stalls for the hoomans to change into a dry set of clothing.

Here are some useful things to pack into your bag, towels to dry your doggo and yourself, poop bags to clean up, a leash -> the dogs need to be leashed even in the pool, treats for your doggo, and some toys. 

Conquer the waters at Wag and Wild with your furbaby today! ?

Jump onboard a pet cruise


The opportunity to explore Singapore’s coastal areas in style is here! Dog Cruise Singapore can help you make it happen! Cruising on Royal Luxury Tall Ship Royal Albatross, is definitely an experience you and your furbaby will never forget! The ship will ship along the coast of Sentosa and enjoy the astonishingly beautiful and unobstructed views of the sea. 

Dog Cruise Singapore has done a very good job in keeping your dog safe, by partnering with Sunny Chong Dog Training School to provide pre-screening for the dogs. The ship will also be properly clean before and after every event to ensure that hygiene will be maintained. 

Sail into the sunset with Dog Cruise Singapore! ⛱️

Relax together with Doga

Discover your furbaby’s flexibility by doing yoga together! Doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga guru or a stay home person, enjoy some time with your doggo by doing yoga together. This is great not only for bonding with your doggo, but also for your mental and physical health. 

The class at puppy yoga is split into 2 main portions, 35 minutes of yoga and 15 minutes of pure playtime with the dogs. 

Enjoy 1 hour of total happiness and relaxation with your furkid by your side at Puppyyoga. ??‍♀️

Spoiled on your doggo 


Unsure of what to do with your dogoo? Treat them to a shopping spree and allow your pets to pick up what they want to get. Allow your pet to experience retail therapy too, which helps them to relax and have fun. 

Try shopping at physical stores such as PolyPet, Catsmart, and many more. They offer a wide range of items that will surely satisfy your furkid’s needs and wants. ?

Socialize at pet cafes 


Even though pet cafes are hard to come by in Singapore, due to the high difficulty of obtaining a license. Nonetheless, there’s an article on the Top 5 pet-friendly restaurants that you can visit. Cafe hopping helps your doggo to socialize with other doggos in a safe and calm environment. 

The hoomans can enjoy delicious food and rest  while letting the doggos to play and solocise with one another. 

Start café hopping at these cafes first! ?

We hope you have found this article useful for you and your furkid. Look out for more suggestions on Pawjourr.

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