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5 ways to become a great paw-fluencer

PawjourrJuly 22, 2022~ 3 mins read

1. Having your own style

Image credit: @nikki.pompom

Every content creator has their own way of doing things. When you’re an influencer, your social media page is your brand – no matter if you’re a human or pawpal! Whether you’re just embarking on your journey in social media, or you’ve already established a good following and online presence, take time to reevaluate what your style is. It could be anything from the types of pictures you post, the tone your captions have or a whole concept that you and your pawpal are going for. Get creative and have fun. The most important thing is finding a style that represents you. Think authentic and real. We love it when creators get genuine and honest – it doesn’t hurt that your pawpal will look cute doing anything!

2. Engage your audience even when no one is looking

Image credit: @kopi.thedog

No one likes one-sided relationships. If your followers leave comments, questions, or even message you just to say hi, reply to them! When you step into the world of influencing, you aren’t doing it for the fame or popularity, you’re doing it to create a community of like-minded people (and pawpals) and form genuine connections. I created my dog’s Instagram a year ago, and I’ve made so many new friends from all walks of life. 

From learning about the best walking routes to sharing common struggles, it’s the community that eventually keeps you going when the going gets tough. Don’t stress about statistics or clinching partnerships with reputable brands, engaging your audience and finding out why they care about the content you create will get you there in due time.

3. Be reliable

Image credit: @goldengirlbellagomes

When you’re working with brands and sponsorships, it’s a major red flag if you aren’t keeping up with communication. Running an Instagram account is no different from running a ‘brand’ of your own – your pawpals! Having a good channel of healthy communication builds a good relationship between you and your sponsors, ensuring that the content creation gets done successfully. 

It also doesn’t reflect well if you ignore briefs or take more than one working day to respond to emails or messages. Let companies know what you and your furry friend are struggling with. Is your pet under the weather? Does he have mixed reactions to the sponsored products? Communicate that. This ensures that the needs of both you and your pet are taken seriously.

4. Sincerity goes a long way

Image credit: @goldengirlbellagomes

Authenticity matters. It shouldn’t matter how many followers you have, how many campaigns you’ve done or how successful you’ve been. Every job matters. Go the extra mile to understand what the company’s vision is for content curation, what exactly they need from your page and how you can best achieve that. Trust me, brands will remember your sincerity and earnest interest in the campaign. In fact, they’ll probably want to work with you again or even recommend you to other brands for different projects.

5. Make everyday moments magical

Image credit: @ziggy.thepomsky

It’s a common misconception that an influencer’s life needs to be luxurious or fashionable. Go with real. I’ve seen many accounts of pets in private planes, eating the best foods and wearing customised fits. You don’t need all of that. Your followers on your page very likely don’t have access to such things and making relatable content goes a long way. A walk in the park? A scuffle in the mud with your dog? A little scratch on your arm from your kitten? Share it! Chances are, everyone will love it.

Being a pawfluencer isn’t meant to be stressful or challenging. It’s about having fun with your furkid and creating a community where you can be yourself!  Pawjourr exists to help you and your furkid have the best time creating content you both love. From taking your pick of the jobs (you never need to take on something you don’t like), to getting help throughout the whole process – it’s as easy as getting your dog to come over when you have food in your hands. Plus, it’s extra sweet when all compensation from every job is yours to keep. All we ask for is that you have fun and stay true to what you’re creating. Do all that and you’re already the best kind of pawfluencer you can be.

* This blog is designed to be a community where pet owners can learn and share. The views expressed in each post are the opinion of the author and not necessarily endorsed by Pawjourr. Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice.



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