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Aon’s Happy Tails: Lexi.the.spitz

PawjourrMarch 30, 2022~ 3 mins read

Our pawpals only as much as a quarter of our hooman lifespans. In the short amount of time that they spend with us, we as pawrents would want them to live with minimal discomfort. That is the ethos that Alvina, pawmom of her Japanese Spitz Lexi, hopes to carry.

Alvina works in the IT industry and has made the switch to work from home more often to spend time with Lexi. “I felt our time with our dogs are too short,” she said. “Adjusting to a new job isn’t easy, but having a happy pill like Lexi makes it a whole lot better!”

Great with the neighbours

The four-year-old stepped into Alvina’s life looking worse for wear. Lexi was initially introduced as timid and fearful of everything; a quiet dog with prominent tear stains. “We weren’t sure what to expect at first,” said Alvina, “but the Lexi we now know is more curious and bold in exploring the world around her. She loves humans a lot, and though she is not very vocal, she will bark when her guard is up.”

Lexi is a model resident, greeting her neighbours every evening and taking notice of the hoomans she meets on her walks. On occasion, her neighbours would even pop by the house to greet and play with her. With pawpals, she plays with older dogs more, but not so much with high-energy doggos. 

Foodie but also a cutie

“Beyond belly rubs, butt taps, and more love from hoomans, Lexi also enjoys her walks!” Alvina explains. Lexi knows when a walk is happening (Alvina getting her stuff and wearing her mask is a good cue) and will wind up excitedly for it. “Her favourite words are “Let’s go!” and she goes crazy once I pick up the leash!” 

In their free time, Alvina also enjoys running through dog tricks with Lexi. The food-driven doggo loves all kinds of food, but Lexi has taken her love a step further — Alvina has realised that Lexi can identify the words “cheese” and “banana”. “Our cheese slices and bananas are always missing a small corner, but who can resist those eyes of hers?”

Hope for a pain-free life

“My biggest fear is her health problems that will come as she grows older,” says Alvina. Japanese Spitzs have a higher risk of developing Luxating Patella (LP), a condition in which their kneecaps dislocates from their normal position. In an effort to give Lexi a pain-free life, Alvina has begun incorporating supplements into her diet. 

The underlying concern that pawrents like Alvina face has always been the cost of surgeries. Without proper financial planning, medical care for one’s furbabies can end up at an unmanageable cost. “I heard about the high costs of surgery and vet expenditure, especially when pets developed more ailments with age,” she said. 

Alvina believes pet owners should never have to be put in a situation where they had to weigh the costs of medical treatment, which is why she placed pet insurance as an immediate priority when she first heard of its inception. “Pet insurance became an immediate priority when I realised they existed. If we need health insurance, why not our pets?” she said. “The few hundreds you spend on the insurance is only the cost of a vacation at a nearby country. The unconditional love that they give back is truly priceless!”

*Bonus Content*

Say Lexi could speak hooman for 7 days. What would you say to her for that week?

“I’d ask her what are the things she likes/dislikes, things she’d like more of, and what she loves about being in this family. I’d keep talking to her like you would with your best friend. I’ll ask why she barks incessantly at my dad every night, and why she pees on the bathroom rug in the kitchen. Although I’m not sure how talkative she would be, seeing how few sounds she makes compared to other dogs… maybe she’s more of a listener?”

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