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Aon’s HappyTails: @bernedoodle.eve

AngellitaOctober 18, 2023~ 3 mins read


Eve the Pawsitively Adorable Poodle: A Tail of Unconditional Love and Wagging Tails 🐾

Hello, I am Trinity Tan and my furkid is Eve Tan! I’m 22 this year currently still in uni and have always wanted a pup since young but never got the chance to since I have very busy parents. 2.5 years ago my boyfriend and I (along with his sister) together decided that we should get a pup and that’s when Eve came into our lives <3. A little more about Eve, she’s turning 3 on 14 December 2023. A bundle of joy she has never given us much trouble even in her puppy days, overall a really really sweet baby. One that’s always bullied by others but she still loves to play with them.

Q: Why did you decide to get insurance for your furkid? 

We decided to get insurance for 2 reasons. 1 is that my boyfriend’s dad LOVES eve and wants her to be covered for an ease of heart. 2 is that we also did find out that she might have a few hereditary problems. One being a carrier of some disease that wouldn’t affect her but her kids, they tested an mentioned if she has babies, they have a high chance of being blind? Or turning blind as they age. The other was that her sister and brother both have very bad hips dysplasia and thankfully for eve it hasn’t been diagnosed and she’s fine but we again are afraid that it might affect her in future years. Hence, gotten the insurance.


Q: In your opinion, what are the main advantages of having pet insurance as opposed to paying for veterinary expenses out of pocket?

We believe, as a family, that having this insurance is really for the ease of mind. Definitely, we hope that we might never need to use this insurance but we just want the best for Eve and not deprive her from any medical treatments in future if she needs any just because maybe it’s too costly and we can’t help.

Q: How did you get to know about AON Happy Tails insurance?

We got to know through word of mouth. My boyfriend’s dad introduced it to us.

Q: What would you say is unique about AON Happy Tails

To be very honest, I’m not very sure. But personally, i think the application was really easy and fast since everything is done online.


Q: Are there any specific health conditions or breed-related concerns that you are looking to be covered?

Hips dysplasia definitely, we can never be too sure if her body may or may not deteriorate more as she age because of this hereditary issue.

Q: Can you describe any specific incidents or experiences that made you realize the importance of having pet insurance? 

I think it made us truly worried when we heard her sister needs surgery for both her hips and one side would cost $10,000. This charges are excluding medication, hospitalisation and many other costs. These are costs that as a very average family household cannot handle it would definitely take a toll on the whole family and its worse that her sister can no longer be covered? Because it has already been diagnosed.


Q: Do you think it is important for pet owners to get pet insurance? Why?

I think it’s important to get insurance for our furkids. It’s a case of you never know when, how, why or if it might happen. It’s the same idea as parents buying insurance for their new born, to me Eve our my baby she’s just one of us not just a pup. So why have the difference kind of idea. 

Plus we have had friends with healthy pups suddenly having knee problems and needing to go for surgery. These are common cases and costs that if we can avoid why not. 

Q: How would having pet insurance impact your decision-making when it comes to seeking veterinary care for your furkid?

It would definitely help a lot in terms of being prepared if any bad news were to come our way. No one wants to add the worry of finances on top of a bad situation already.


Q: What advice would you give to someone who is considering purchasing pet insurance for their pet?

If you’re still considering it, it’s most likely that you’ll appreciate the ease of mind it gives you afterwards. If not, realistically weigh out the pros and cons. The cost of the insurance monthly/yearly and the cost of the actual vet prices that you might incur be it now or in future to help you decide if its worth the money and worry.

Planning ahead is crucial to secure your furry friend’s future and ensure a stress-free tomorrow. If you have any questions or topics to discuss, contact us now. Together, let’s create more happy and exciting experiences with your beloved pet!

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