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Vanessa WooJuly 06, 2023~ 2 mins read

This article was brought to you by our collaboration with Homerunpet.

The Homerunpet Smart Pet Feeder is a cutting-edge device designed to make feeding your furry friend easier and more convenient.

Boost Health with Savoury Freshness

Designed with pets’ health in mind, it is equipped with an airtight container that helps preserve the freshness of the food, ensuring that each meal is as tasty and nutritious as possible. The triple silicone sealing and auto-closure of the feeder outlet to make sure it is airtight, damp-proof and pest-proof internally for lasting freshness and nutrition.

Smooth Dispensing for Every Fresh Meal

The anti-clog system eliminates the frustration of jammed food for pet owners to ensure that pets get fed as desired.

Dedicated App for Customised Feeding Routine

The Smart Pet Feeder is equipped with advanced technology that allows you to schedule and control your pet’s feeding times remotely. Through the Homerunpet App, you can customised feeding schedules for your pet, ensuring they receive their meds at the right time, even when you’re not around. 

A user-friendly interface that makes it simple to program and adjust feeding times. You can easily monitor and modify your pet’s feed schedule from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet. This feature is particularly useful for pet owners with busy schedules or those who travel frequently. 

Another great feature of the Homerunpet Smart Pet Feeder is its portion control capability. You can accurately measure and dispense the right amount of food for your pet, helping to maintain a healthy diet and prevent overeating. This is especially beneficial for pets with specific dietary needs or weight management requirements. 

Premium Porcelain for Elegant Touches

This advanced version of the feeder bowl is made from premium Dehua Porcelain to offer a smooth and lustrous appearance. It’s non-greasy and reduces friction to prevent chin acne in pets.

Let’s hear from our reviewer, Leo!

With Homerunpet Smart Pet Feeder, we can feed anytime from anywhere, great if you are running late from work or traveling.

Automate per your preferred schedule, if you have a standard routine to follow through the week. The lid is cat proof – no sneaky business from the cat figuring out how to open it. Furthermore, the bowl can be clipped to the machine to ensure a stabilized bowl when feeding. It can be easily unclipped and removed to wash when needed for easy maintenance. The interface is extremely user-friendly as well, hence it allows for easy navigation around the app. It can be plugged into an electrical outlet or alternatively, it has a battery holder for a back up.

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