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How customer reviews can help your brand

Damien PohNovember 18, 2022~ 2 mins read

You probably read the title and hoped to find some answers. But before we dive into what you’re here for, let me ask you this: How many times have you looked up something and gone straight to the customer reviews section?

Exactly. In this day and age, online shopping is so convenient, and checking out is just a few clicks away. But before completing our purchase, we as consumers, feel the need to check out existing reviews — a second nature to us. 

But why are customer reviews so important to us?

Boost credibility & social proof

It is true when they say “your reputation precedes you” because even tech giants like Apple and Microsoft have based their success on credibility. They are able to amass huge sales numbers, thanks to their ability to increase their social proof. 

Product reviews are powerful testimonies that can be featured on all your marketing touchpoints, from your e-commerce platform to social media pages. So, why do consumers trust these reviews so much?

Because they are able to gain a greater insight into the business’s service and the brand’s product. 88% of potential consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. After all, consumers are spoilt for choices, and these reviews serve as simple guidance that differentiates countless products and services out there.

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Better understand your consumers 

Reviews left behind by consumers provide insight into the overall customer experience and satisfaction. With access to such opinions, you’ll know what are the gaps in your service/product. And by implementing changes and improvements, your consumers will know that their voices are heard.

Therefore, collecting and analyzing consumer reviews can help improve your business, increase brand awareness, and more. 

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Generates more SEO & Improves SEO ranking

Customer reviews don’t just provide feedback and boost your brand’s credibility among consumers. They also generate more searches and sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about what people are searching for online, the answers they’re seeking, and the products/services they need. 

The words they’re using matter a lot to your brand. For example, if your business sells pet shampoo and you have great reviews, when someone searches for ‘great pet shampoo’, Google will bump up your website. With a better perspective of the product, potential consumers are more susceptible to take action after reading a positive review. 

Pawjourr is here to help

By choosing Pawjourr, we bring you closer to the pet community. And this doesn’t just consist of well-known pet influencers. I’m talking about your day-to-day pet owners that would offer genuine insights into the brand’s product or service. 

Followers of these creators also trust them more. However, these nano influencers are not just trustworthy, they are also much more excited and willing to work with you! 

A US-based treat brand used Pawjourr to engage product testers for all their products. The goal? To gain insights among the pet community, and improve their formulations and packaging. Ultimately, they were able to increase sales by 70%!

Stay ahead with customer reviews

They’re a great way to grab the attention of potential customers. By failing to encourage them to leave reviews of their own, your band loses out as they’re simply a great avenue to increase sales. 

Online customer reviews are here to stay. As the number of internet users grows, the importance of customer reviews will continue to grow as well.

* This blog is designed to be a community where pet owners can learn and share. The views expressed in each post are the opinion of the author and not necessarily endorsed by Pawjourr. Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice.


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