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How to Improve Videos and Views on TikTok

PawjourrJanuary 05, 2022~ 2 mins read

Continuing from our Tip-Top TikTok Tips, Part 4 of our TikTok introduction will touch on three more tips that will improve your videos. Make your videos that much more polished and — by extension — more likely to be viewed by others on TikTok with these tips.

Plan Your Videos First

While some viral TikToks are born from absolute spontaneity, not everyone will have such an incredible stroke of luck. The most consistent way to make a good TikTok video is to first plan what you’re going to say and do. 

Long, unnecessary pauses and stammering in a video are huge turn-offs for viewers. And if you don’t have a clear image of what your sketch is about, you will end up doing retakes and end up feeling like “it’s not what I’m looking for” without knowing what your video is supposed to look like. Instead, show that you know what you’re doing; plan how your sketch will look from scene to scene. Not only will it help you, but it’ll also help your pawpal too. Pets may not have as much attention span to do repeated takes for a photo (let alone a video) and are likely to lose interest. Cats are especially temperamental, and won’t be as willing to entertain you if you test their patience for too long.

Practise, Practise, Practise

If you see a pawsome #PetTok out there and think, “No way my pawpal can do that, it’s too complicated!”, don’t beat yourself up about it. Chances are this Pet TikTok did not record their video in one take anyway. Especially where our furry friends are concerned, no video is perfect on the first take. Rehearse with yourself first how you will be carrying it out, then train your pawpal to do the thing.


On the other hand, candid TikTok challenges that you do with your pawpal do just as well when it’s not rehearsed. That’s because candid TikToks are supposed to show off their honest reactions. So bloopers and bad takes won’t seem like such a bad thing now, do they?

@betty_and bean

Your Pet Isn’t Mute, They Just Can’t Speak Hooman

But wouldn’t it be neat if they did? Save for maybe pet whisperers, pet owners all over the world scratch heads at the age-old question: What is on your pawpal’s mind? Make your pet relatable not only to other furry friends, but also to humans! Capture their emotions with human vocabulary and caption them in the video. On TikTok you can go even further and give your pawpal and audible voice with the Voiceover function. Alternatively, you can use the text-to-speech feature to have a computer-generated narration for your captions.


Now that you know…

It’s important to stress that TikTok is wildly experimental. However, it also means you will be seeing content of all levels of polished, organic or otherwise. As a pet influencer, it is recommended to produce content that is more put-together, and spend more time rehearsing to minimise retakes. Look forward to seeing your videos on our For You page!

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

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