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Memorable campaigns only at Pawjourr!

Damien PohOctober 19, 2022~ 2 mins read

Here at Pawjourr, we offer a variety of jobs catered to furkids of various nature, from dogs to bunnies, you name it! Together with our vast network of pet creators, we’ve worked on all sorts of campaigns. 

Everyone knows DC’s Superman and Batman, but this time, their furry sidekicks took the spotlight. Naturally, Vitakraft partnered with us to make their dreams come true, and we’re so excited to share with you how we made one of our biggest events happen! 

Our mission

Vitakraft, known for their sugar-free recipes and palatable pet food, had collaborated with SUPERPETS to promote their products and the highly anticipated movie, DC League of Super-Pets.

DC League of Super-Pets was set to screen their first show on September 1 – and Pawjourr’s pet creators were given the chance to catch the movie for free!

Selected influencers received an exclusive PR kit containing SUPERPETS merch and Vitakraft goodies — what a treat!

Photo credit: @caliethecottonbud

Funan’s outdoor screening cinema

Ever wanted to bring your furkids out to the movies? Well, Golden Village and Funan must have heard you. ‘Movies under the Moonlight’, an outdoor movie screening of ‘DC League of Super-Pets’ at Funan’s Rooftop Garden was a result of their collaboration — and that’s right, ‘SUPERPETS’ were welcomed!

Viewers’ tickets came with a free goodie bag, popcorn, drink, and picnic mat. Additionally, they were given headphones for a better viewing experience. 

Photo credit: @ttangkongchan

Unique campaign to remember

Calie, with her pawmom Allexisse, had a blast soaking up Singapore’s cityscape at night. What hooked Allexisse to be part of this event was its inclusivity. 

“It was so nice of a change to have a pet-friendly movie screening outdoors and knowing we were allowed to bring our furkids with us did make the experience a lot more wholesome as well!”

Besides being a great opportunity for hoomans to bond with their furkids, the collaborative event was targeted to both humans and animals, allowing them to enjoy different parts of the campaign. Which made Allexisse to find this unique campaign to be an experience to remember.  “I do hope we can have more projects like this available in the future!” 

Photo credit: @ttangkongchan

A myriad of jobs available

We are thrilled to be able to put together a campaign that proved so successful for our influencers and the brands involved. The memorable event coupled with their striking PR kits made it an experience you can’t forget for everyone involved!

Our collaboration with Vitakraft X Super-Pets is definitely one for the history books. It’s not everyday you’re given the opportunity to be part of such a Super campaign.

Interested in making history? Let’s explore how we can work together at

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