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Now Available! Single Ingredient All-Natural Pet Treats

PawjourrMay 07, 2021~ 5 mins read

Check out this variety of all natural and healthy treats that are guaranteed to impress even the pickiest of pets!

Recently, preservative and additive-free diets have been proven beneficial for pets. Our range of all-natural single-ingredient treats offers the benefits of such a diet, however with the additional care of dental health. Begone are the days of sweeteners and preservatives, your pet deserves only the best with these high-quality snacks. Our snacks can be redeemed as samples for Pawjourr members or purchased independently through Shopee.

Take a look at our full collection of treats below and seek what is most suitable for your pet!

Seafood Variety

 Fish meats are sustainably sourced from Australia and are completely natural.


These sardines snacks are allergen-free and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This will help improve the condition of your dog’s coat and joints, whilst also being a fun snack to chew on. Each sardine is full-sized and delicious to consume. This product is suitable for all dogs.

Now available at Shopee for $15.90 per 100 grams.

Gummy Shark Fish Jerky Strips (Cat and Dog Friendly)

Suitable for both dogs and cats, Gummy Shark Fish Jerky Strips are also rich in Omega 3, however, they have the added benefit of protein. Your pet will enjoy nibbling on these satisfying snacks made from the leftovers of sustainably sourced fish. For cat owners, this is a great way to introduce variety into your cat’s diet!

Now available at Shopee for $17.90 per 100 grams.

Mackerel Skin Twists

Do you have a large and hyperactive dog who enjoys chewing? Try our Mackerel Skin Twists which are a chewy and delicious dental snack. This treat will keep your dog entertained for a long time. Chewing on our Mackerel Twists will also help to clean your dog’s teeth. Keep your pets occupied for a long time whilst ensuring they are enjoying the best.

Now available at Shopee for $17.90 per 125 grams.


All meats are sourced sustainably from Australia and New Zealand to ensure the highest quality for optimal snack time.

Sheep Ears

Dehydrated sheep ears are small and easy for your dog to chew. It is also suitable for puppies who have begun teething. You can build up your pup’s muscle mass, sustain strong healthy teeth and bones with these low-calorie snacks. Do take note that the colour of the ears may vary depending on the colour of sheep acquired. 

Now available at Shopee for $14.90 per 100 grams.

Lamb Liver (Cat and Dog Friendly)

Feeding the liver to your pets helps cleanse their blood of toxins and improves their vision. This variant is suitable for both cats and dogs! It also contains essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, and fatty acids. Lamb livers are excellent as training snacks or a quick treat, depending on your furkid’s needs. It can also be broken up into smaller pieces so you can best maximise each piece!

Now available at Shopee for $13.90 per 100 grams.

Pork Pillows

For that extra protein punch, do consider our pork pillows made out of the pig’s scrotum. These treats are rather large hence are more suitable for medium to large dogs. Do be warned though! These snacks are rather oily and messy to consume, hence are much more preferable as an outdoor treat. Regardless, it is rich with flavour, hence it is not to be missed!

Now available at Shopee for $17.90 per 200 grams.

Chicken Neck

Invite your pup to nibble on these chicken necks which are high in chondroitin and glucosamine. These are important in supporting joint health and mobility. In addition, chicken necks are also easily digestible and are enticing to dogs who prefer a good crunch in their daily diet. 

Now available at Shopee for $10.90 per 100 grams.

Beef Spare Ribs

A popular choice are these beef spare ribs made of 100% all-natural Australian beef. Due to it being dried, it is less susceptible to bone breakage thus it is safe for your pet to consume freely. Regardless, the durable bone will help dislodge leftover food, plaque, and tartar.

Now available at Shopee for $18.90 per 150 grams.

Kangaroo Meat

For pet owners who are interested in trying something new– our collection also boasts a large selection of Kangaroo treats, from the heart to the kidney. 

Kangaroo meat is one of the leanest red meat protein sources and is ideal for furkids who require a low-fat diet. They also contain a high amount of antioxidants and Omega 3, making it the most well-rounded snack option available for your pet.

Kangaroo Heart

Our Kangaroo heart treats come in bite-size portions however can be broken off into smaller portions if necessary. These are low in energy and would not fill up your pet, hence feel free to feed these crunchy snacks to them whenever you feel like they deserve something special! 

Now available as Samples or can be purchased via Shopee for $16.90 per 100 grams.

Kangaroo Tendons

These tendons are another great dental choice for your dog. Each tendon comes with ‘bulb’s at the end to ensure a satisfying chew. We predict these treats to last from 15 minutes to an hour, however, large dogs are expected to finish these rather quickly! These are great for small to medium dogs looking for something fun and delicious to nibble on. 

Now available at Shopee for $17.90 per 150 grams.

Kangaroo Puff Cubes

Made and hand-cut from a kangaroo’s lung, these puff cubes are great bite-size snacks due to their small yet gratifying crunch. These treats also do not contain chemicals, antibiotics, or feed as they are sourced from free-roaming kangaroos. These are suitable for pet owners who are looking for a simple and easy treat for their dogs, without any hassle!

Now available as Samples or can be purchased via Shopee for $14.90 per 100 grams.

Kangaroo Kidney (Cat and Dog Friendly)

Cats can also try out this desirable meat! Kangaroo kidneys are packed with zinc and are considered a more preferable option to muscle meat. They also carry plenty of Vitamin B3 which are essential for your pet’s immune system. It also helps with blood circulation. One whiff of these delectable snacks and your furkids will be jumping for joy!

Now available as Samples or can be purchased via Shopee for $15.90 per 100 grams.

These snacks are limited in quantity so do purchase as soon as possible to avoid disappointments! In the event you are interested in trying out multiple variants, do consider our variety packs. We are offering 4 types, catered to your furkid’s individual needs.

Starter Pack (Cat and Dog Friendly)

Interested in developing your pet’s taste for natural snacks? Our starter pack includes Lamb Liver, Chicken Neck, Fish Jerky Strips, and Kangaroo Tendons. This selection offers a good range of dental and single-ingredient snacks which are also safe options for that picky pet. Additionally, this starter pack also includes the full range of treats that we deem most suitable for cats! 

Now retailing on Shopee for $19.90. Packed by weight.

Standard Pack

Unsure of which to try first? Our standard pack allows you to try most of the variants. In this pack, you will receive 1 each of the Sardines, Chicken Neck, Pig Snout, Beef Spare Ribs, Kangaroo Tendons, and Sheep Ears. It is also a cheaper option for pet owners who are unsure of their pet’s tastes. Entice them with variety!

Now retailing on Shopee for $16.90.

Deluxe Edition Pack

For that true luxe experience, consider investing in our Deluxe Edition pack. In this pack, you will receive a Pork Pillow, Beef Spare Ribs, Mackerel Skin Twists, Kangaroo Tendon and Pig Snout. All of the variants here are rich with flavour and brimming with meat so your pet has a truly delectable dining experience. Great for a special occasion or when you think your furkid deserves a bit of pampering!

Now retailing on Shopee for $24.90. Packed by weight.

Puppy Pack

Lastly, we have also curated a special pack that caters to all you puppy-loving pet owners out there! Get your dog started on natural treats at a young age! This pack includes Gummy Shark Fish Jerky Strips, Sheep Ears, Lamb Liver, Chicken Neck, and Kangaroo Puff Cubes. These treats are bite-sized and easy to consume, ensuring your puppy’s dental care and health would be well taken care of. Starting your pup on a preservative and additive-free diet is the best way to ensure their well-being growing up. 

Now retailing on Shopee for $24.90. Packed by weight. 

Don’t miss out on these treats!

* This blog is designed to be a community where pet owners can learn and share. The views expressed in each post are the opinion of the author and not necessarily endorsed by Pawjourr. Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice.



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