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Damien PohNovember 03, 2022~ 2 mins read

Influencer marketing can be tricky and confusing – no doubt, there are many nuances, and compensation structure is one of them. We wrote an article that deep-dives into this topic here: compensating your influencers.

Can I simply pay a fixed rate to all of the influencers?

There are many factors which determine how much a content is worth: follower count, engagement rate or even non-quantifiable factors like talent, relevancy, production and quality of the content all plays a part. 

Most marketers we know have an excel spreadsheet with the rates from all these influencers, comparing and negotiating the rates with each of them. It’s a full-time job managing anything more than 15 profiles, and that’s why platforms like Pawjourr exist to make it easy for you

Pawjourr helps you with all these … for free! 

Yes you heard that right, we don’t charge you a monthly fee to use our platform. 

Think of it like an e-wallet: you top-up $500. With each approved profile, we deduct their quoted rates from your wallet. This approach ensures that you don’t go over-budget, and easily compare rates from different influencers before confirmation. 

You must be thinking “Well surely, I can do this easily with an excel sheet?’ Yes you can, but why do that when you can automate the process for free with us? 

With Pawjourr, everything you need is on a consolidated dashboard: 

  • Immediate access to a pool of freelancers excited about your job
  • Key insights to their profile (i.e. engagement, fake followers)
  • Pet’s demographics (useful for targeted campaigns e.g. senior dogs)
  • Compare rates amongst all interested applicants, and negotiate 

So sit back and relax whilst the influencers pitch themselves to your brand! Best part? No subscription fees. No lock-in. No contracts. It’s 100% a plug and play model with zero commitments. 

Here’s an example of how Tailspring leveraged Pawjourr to get some really great content and conversation going when they launch their goat milk products: 

Tailspring Goat Milk Toppers

In April, Tailspring wanted to showcase their new line of goat milk products. With Pawjourr, they are able to: 

  • Gain immediate access to a network of 15K+ influencers across US
  • Receive their first pitch within the first 24 hours 
  • Focus on their core business activities, all whilst the campaign runs on the platform 24/7 
Photo credit: @fuzziepals_

Through the platform’s filtering system, Tailspring decided on 20 influencers, with fees ranging from $400 – $2000 for their launch campaign. 

The appeal of a retainer model means they are able to work with profiles with varying influence to promote their products. 

How you can get started

Pawjourr can help to make your campaign recruitment much more effective and efficient. Being able to control the budget down to each influencer means you can work with profiles with varying influence and do A/B testing to determine which group performs the best. 

Working with influencers from different tiers also allows you to broaden your reach and check the boxes to a successful campaign. For example, working with macro-influencers gives you the reach you need because of their audience size, whilst working with micro-influencers allow their followers to follow their journey with a specific brand.

Ultimately, your campaign goals will decide how you can play around with influencer marketing. 

Need help getting started?

Growing your business has never been easier. Reach out to us at to explore all that Pawjourr’s marketplace has to offer.

* This blog is designed to be a community where pet owners can learn and share. The views expressed in each post are the opinion of the author and not necessarily endorsed by Pawjourr. Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice.


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