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Pawjourr’s Creators: Modern.lassie

Damien PohNovember 07, 2022~ 3 mins read

Lassie and her mom-ager, Scarlett

Scarlett always knew deep down she was gonna get a dog one day. But what she didn’t know was when.

Earlier this year, she browsed through good dog, looking for available Shelties. However, the next available one was only till May, and she couldn’t wait to be a pawmom! She went on to search for Collies, unable to resist their cuteness. As if it was predestined, the moment she laid eyes on Lassie (then Sophie), Scarlett knew she was special — and she was available!

“She looked energetic, sassy, smartypants, and had a beautiful sable color. And I immediately applied for her and everything is history,” Scarlett added.

Lassie, a farm girl from a breeder in Danville, Pennsylvania, has now found a forever home in Washington, DC, with Scarlett, and her sister Luna, a two-year-old pure white cat.

Lassie enjoying her well-deserved treats.

More than a pawdel

At first glance, Lassie is the prettiest pawdel you’ve ever seen. But once you get to know her, you’d realize she is more than just a pretty face.

Lassie is highly-intelligent, with a ton of tricks up her sleeves. Of course, Scarlett is always working on a new one, currently teaching her “sit pretty” — getting her to pose with both paws up, and with Luna.

And that’s not all! Lassie is very obedient and calm, able to be still even without a leash, allowing her pawmom to take the perfect shots. Coupled with her amazing side profile (thanks to her long face), she makes the pawfect pawdel. This makes outdoor photoshoots for pet apparels with Lassie a breeze!

“Lassie believes she can fly… and touch the sky.”

Besides being the best pet model you could ever ask for, Lassie is a graceful sprinter too. Rough Collies are known for their beautiful long coat that flows as they run, and Lassie is no exception!

Lassie pays the rent

Our DC residents have been a #PawjourrCreator since August and they have participated in various campaigns. Mom-ager Scarlett, knowing her baby’s talent, has a knack for choosing campaigns that are best suited for Lassie. 

What would they be you ask? Well, Rough Collies thrive with companionships, and outdoor activities everyday. Which makes sense for them to be part of Doggy Style’s campaign, allowing Scarlett to find suitable playdates for Lassie!

Their engaging and elaborative guide to the Doggy Style app is a sure-fire way to get sign-ups for the new app! Our talented creators don’t just post the best stills, they showcase their creativity through their videos too!

Scarlett finds herself to be very active on Instagram, specifically on Lassie’s profile. She mainly connects with other pawrents, who are just as excited to schedule playdates now and then. Through their interactions, she is able to learn the latest tips and tricks by sharing their experiences and adventures with one another.

Furthermore, pet creators Scarlett and Lassie are able to earn through influencers campaigns with Pawjourr — sounds pretty neat if you ask me!

Lassie enjoying her delicious supplement from Balanced Breed.

A well-deserved spotlight

Their followers aren’t the only ones fawning over Lassie’s luscious locks. A little birdie tells me that Lassie is featured on DC Dog Moms 2023 calendar where you can spot Lassie in the month of September! 

At 11-month-old, Lassie has made a huge mark on DC’s pet community and It’s not a surprise that she is the latest addition to our series #PawjourrSpotlight!

When it comes to pet influencers (both human and pet creators), a flair for pet modeling can be a great way to boost your portfolio. Supplement this essential skill with videography and great caption-writing, and you’re set! 

Think you got what it takes? Drop us a DM or email and share what makes you unique!

* This blog is designed to be a community where pet owners can learn and share. The views expressed in each post are the opinion of the author and not necessarily endorsed by Pawjourr. Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice.


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