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Why I Like Pet Insurance

rayvern.forlife@gmail.comJuly 22, 2021~ < 1 mins read

Many people around me are getting furkids rather than having human children due to many reasons.

  1. A furkid will always shower you with love no matter how old they get.
  2. The cost of raising them is lower than human kids where you would need to think about getting a place near the ideal school and the cost of university, etc.

Talking about cost; The cost of raising a furkid is definitely not all fields of flowers, especially when it comes to medical cost since pets are unable to tell you when they are not feeling well. The most they can do is to hit their head against the wall or keep licking themselves etc.

Erm sorry I think most cats are not this big haha

This is where you can consider getting pet insurance.

Pet insurance is similar to hospital insurance for yourself. There are more and more pet owners who will get pet insurance for their furkid recently.

The cost of Pet Insurance starts from $300+ and can cover up to 50% of your vet bill.

I am an agent selling pet insurance, I can say that I am quite fortunate that I do not have much claim experience so far.

Hi there

Last year I had a claim where the poor girl had food poisoning and a visit to the vet set them back by $631.

Not sure about you but the bill kinda scares me…

Compared that to the premium of $350, doesn’t this feel like a bargain now?
For the interested parties, feel free to reach out to me as stated in this blog or visit my website:

See ya guys~

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