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Timeless Ideas To Kickstart Your TikTok Content

PawjourrJanuary 19, 2022~ 2 mins read

Welcome back to the fifth instalment of our TikTok feature! Today we are going to look at some content you can make with your pawpal, so you won’t run on empty in the ideas department! 


A lot of TikTok’s content can be defined by the sounds they use, as they easily set the tone for the video. If it’s a commonly used sound or even a sound from a well-known source, chances are you’ll be able to set up some expectations and hook them in. They’ll want to stay and see how the video ends!

Here are some common sounds that pawrents are using on their TikToks:


Share how you celebrate the holidays with your pawpals! Holidays, National Events, and Celebrations are all over the calendar. Use this opportunity to share costumes, family practices, or just you and your furry friends enjoying some quality time together.


While all of TikTok is already in video format, you can use the app to share quirky traits about your pet and see if others may have similar experiences. TikTok’s community-driven functionality allows you to duet people’s prompts too, which creates a whole carousel of reactions.


Let me know if you want a second part to this video! 😽💞 #catsoftiktok #foryou #fyp #catvids

♬ 아무노래 – ZICO

If you’re confident about your knowledge in pet care, or if you’re just enthusiastic about sharing your petcare routines on social media, you’ll be surprised how many people will appreciate it! Beyond entertainment, people do view TikTok as a platform to learn something new, so don’t be shy about sharing the knowledge and experiences you’ve had up till now!


According to TikTok, cats love it when you brush their fur with a wet toothbrush; it supposedly reminds them of their mother. And did you know that if you play the iconic screech from the 1960 film “Psycho”, the sound will scare dogs?

It isn’t 100% accurate, but there’s only one way to find out — try it out with your pawpals! Challenges are quick, easy-to-make, and quirky content that you can make together. You’ve probably thought of doing some of these, but always passed it off as outrageous anyway!

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