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An itch to scratch — TtangKong’s journey with Glacier Peak Holistics Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

PawjourrDecember 17, 2021~ 4 mins read

More often than not, your pawpal may be exposed to allergens that you are not even aware of, and it makes them very uncomfortable. JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet understands that frustration, which is why they are dedicated to helping Pawrents in understanding their pets inside and out. The folks at JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet partnered with Glacier Peak Holistics to bring pawrents the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan, an alternative comprehensive food and environmental sensitivity test.

Introducing TtangKong

TtangKong is an energetic long-haired dachshund, wildly sociable and loves to be out with her pawfriends. She spends a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors with her hoomom, Amy. However, the doggo had developed severe allergies in early 2019 and had to be put on an E-collar 24/7. TtangKong’s allergies give her unbearable itches, to which she scratches to the point of bleeding. Because of that, she now has bald spots that have not grown back for 8 months.

The search for a remedy

Amy searched high and low for remedies, trying close to every treatment available: supplements, anti-itch sprays, biological medication, and elimination diets. With the exception of steroids — which are topical and advised to be for short-term use only — nothing seemed to be completely effective. Even when Amy brought TtangKong to try a Canine Food Reaction Test, the results were limited and did not give her the insight she was looking for.

Distressed, Amy gave up on veterinary consultations and fell back to a series of trial and error purchases in an attempt to control the severity of TtangKong’s itches. Amy found hope in understanding more about her pawpal’s itches in October when she stumbled upon Glacier Peak Holistics Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan exclusively available from JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet.

Conducting the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

As part of the process, JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet visited TtangKong at Amy’s home to assist with the process*. Unlike traditional allergy tests, which require blood samples, this stress scan uses a non-invasive process (only requiring hair and saliva samples). TtangKong cooperated with the staff and the sample collection was smooth sailing. After that it was only a matter of waiting for the results — seven days to be exact. 

Pawrents who prefer to obtain the samples on their own can also refer to the instructional videos at their site. After collecting the samples, please reach out to JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet and they will make arrangements to pick up the samples and send them over to the testing facility in the U.S.

How the scan works

  • Homeostasis — Bioenergetic balance in one’s body. Being a combination of western and eastern medicinal concepts, maintaining homeostasis is key to a healthy body.
  • Energetic imbalance — Stemming from a variety of sources such as inflammations, bacterial infections, or changes in diet. An energetic imbalance may leave the body susceptible to diseases and allergy-type symptoms.
  • ELISA — Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. It is a test that detects antibodies in the blood. 

The scan’s SCIO Biofeedback Technology, manufactured by Quantum World Vision and approved by FDA, is a device that is used to detect stress. It uses the DNA in samples to measure the animal’s homeostasis to detect signs of stress and energetic resonance. Stressors in the scan are then reflected in relation to over 300 food and environmental factors that may disturb a pet’s energy balance.

While Glacier Peak Holistics Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan detects stressors, it is not a true allergy test, like ELISA and antibody testing, that uses blood samples. The stress scan serves as a roadmap to help you get your pawpal’s wellness back into balance, by removing the stressors and supporting the immune system at the point of time. 

The scan indicates environmental and dietary factors that could be causing your pet to face allergy-type symptoms.  The ultimate goal of the scan is for pawrents to understand which part of their pawpal’s diet and lifestyle might be contributing to the immune reactivity and to adjust them to achieve homeostasis and minimise chances for allergy-type symptoms to manifest.

Once the results are out, JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet team will contact the applicant to help interpret and answer any questions about the results, as well as recommend a suitable course of action for the pet parents. Pawrents moving forward could then be able to adjust dietary and lifestyle plans to reduce pawpals from experiencing stressors they are susceptible to.

*Disclaimer: the information provided by this assessment is intended for educational and nutritional purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is not intended as conventional veterinary advice or to replace the advice or attention of qualified veterinarians. You may wish to consult your holistic veterinary professional before making changes to your pet’s diet, nutritional supplements, or activity level.

TtangKong’s results and solutions

The scan indicated that TtangKong’s itches were caused by a combination of yeast and other factors, giving rise to a weak immune system. Amy has since switched TtangKong’s food and tried to avoid certain environmental factors. TtangKong’s rashes have calmed down and her redness has also reduced. 

“Hopefully we won’t have to monitor her as intently to stop her scratching and licking,” said Amy. With the new food plan reducing the cultivation of yeast in TtangKong’s body, the new lifestyle could help to promote hair growth on her belly and other bald spots.

Amy is grateful to JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet for assisting her and TtangKong through this ordeal and encourages pet owners to try the Life Stress Scan as well. “I’d like to recommend fellow pet owners if they’d like to know more about their furkid for their well-being!” she said. “You may (let your furkid) try the test if your furkid is struggling with environmental or food allergies.”

If you’d like to try the scan, TtangKong has an offer for you!

Use the code ???????????? to enjoy 5% off when you purchase the scan* from JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet

*Limited to only 5 scans. Offer valid till 31st January 2022

* This blog is designed to be a community where pet owners can learn and share. The views expressed in each post are the opinion of the author and not necessarily endorsed by Pawjourr. Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice.



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