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Aon’s Happy Tales: Little.coco.beans

PawjourrDecember 30, 2022~ 3 mins read

Every pawrent would know all too well of the love and joy their fur kid brings. Which is why they’d want to provide the best, and only the best, to ensure they lead a healthy and happy life — something Coco Beans’ “hooman slave”, Helen, believes wholeheartedly.

Meet Coco Beans the Toy Poodle

Coco Beans was blessed to have found a forever home with Helen after being rehomed at the age of one. Since then, she has been the little angel of the family, charming everyone with her bright personality.

As an important member of the family, she has been included in their getaway trips, having been to 5 different countries like the Top of Europe in Switzerland where she was able to experience snow for the first time. 

To Helen, Coco Beans always come first, where adventures like this are worth it, no matter the trouble of bringing a pet overseas. 

The Beginning of a Fashionista Lifestyle

Helen thoroughly enjoys spending time with Coco, doing absolutely everything and anything. Their favorite pastime includes, café hopping, car rides, trying out delicious snacks and pet accessories.

“We also like to bring her to the parks. Our favorite parks are Gardens by the Bay and Botanic Gardens because these two parks have a host of eateries nearby for Coco!”

As she gets to try new snacks every now and then, Coco has grown to become a foodie, with a dedicated compartment in the fridge which stores her fresh food and homemade treats — sounds like heaven!

Amidst the adventures, Helen never forgets to capture down the moment! And thanks to Coco’ peaceful temperament, Helen can easily get the perfect shot she needs.

Where Coco Beans shines the most; in front of the camera

Always Staying On The Safe Side

Toy Poodles are prone to health problems like Cataracts, Bladder Stones, Hip Dysplasia, and Thyroid issues — among many others. Coupled with friends whose fur kids contracted cancer and Luxating Patella, Helen was determined to get Coco protected and insured. 

“Singapore is a small country where vet care and pet facilities are easily accessible but they are relatively expensive. So one of our concerns is the cost of vet care especially for long term medical treatment, such as hereditary illnesses or cancer which is quite common nowadays.” She added. 

Coco Beans showing off her newest kicks

“How did you decide on Aon’s Happy Tails?”

When it comes to pet insurance, Helen knows what she wants for Coco; medical and lifetime coverage. Most insurance plans strictly cover accidents and injuries only, which is not enough for Helen. 

Thankfully, Aon’s Happy Tails covers the treatment of any illnesses, injury or accident including post surgical follow-up during the policy term. Aon, known for their comprehensive coverages, also covers specified hereditary, congenital conditions and most importantly, offering lifetime coverage. 

“Do you think pawrents should consider insuring their fur kids?”

“If we humans have insurance coverage for health and accidents, I think pet owners should also consider pet insurance for their fur babies. This will allow us to have a peace of mind and defray the expenses of the medical expenses especially for long term medical conditions.”

*Bonus Content*

If Coco Beans could speak hooman for 7 days, what would you say to her, and do with her?

“If Coco Beans could speak hooman for 7 days, we would tell her that we love her to the moon and back. And would ask her what all her favorite foods and places were. Then, we would bring her to all her favorite places with her favorite food (of course in moderation). If time permits, we would bring her overseas again and spend some happy family time during these 7 days.”

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