Aon’s HappyTails: @miku_pomapooAon’s HappyTails: @miku_pomapoo

Aon’s HappyTails: @miku_pomapoo

JaneApril 23, 2024

Meet Miku and her paw-mily! Miku is a Pomapoo whose birthday is on 7 April 2019. She is a happy girl who loves her Pawmum (Tracy) and all different types of treats. We have been living happily together for the past five years! Q: How do you care for the wellness of your pet, especially […]

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Aon’s HappyTails:’s HappyTails:

Aon’s HappyTails:

JaneApril 12, 2024

Meet Sunday and his paw-mily! Hello, I am Kristin, and Sunday is a miniature schnauzer turning 2 this May! 🎉🐶 Q: How do you care for the wellness of your pet, especially if they are prone to any hereditary illness? Miniature schnauzers are prone to eye-related diseases such as cataracts 🧐 and heart-related diseases 💔. […]

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Aon’s HappyTails: @thecat.benAon’s HappyTails: @thecat.ben

Aon’s HappyTails: @thecat.ben

JaneFebruary 27, 2024

Meet Ben and his paw-mily! Hello! I’m Shirley and my furkid is Ben. My husband and I have just moved into our own home when we chanced upon Ben’s adoption post. We paid him a visit and he was so sad looking! He looked like he had given up on life and right there and […]

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Aon’s HappyTails: @CorgihotpotAon’s HappyTails: @Corgihotpot

Aon’s HappyTails: @Corgihotpot

JaneJanuary 17, 2024

Meet Hotpot and his paw-mily! We are Hotpot’s Pawrents who loves to eat Hotpot and named our little boy Hotpot ❤️ Hotpot has a fun personality and full of energy but a sucker for treats 😆 He may be stubborn at times but with treats… he’d do anything 🙃 we love him and his little […]

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Aon’s HappyTails: @donut.pawfriendAon’s HappyTails: @donut.pawfriend

Aon’s HappyTails: @donut.pawfriend

Vanessa WooAugust 09, 2023

Meet Donut and her pawmily! When we first got Donut, we were a couple with no kids. Now we’ve just recently welcomed a child and we officially consider our furkid as our eldest kid and our son as the second kid.  Q: What motivated you to get pet insurance and why Aon Happy Tails? Coming […]

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Aon’s HappyTails: @pudding.meowsAon’s HappyTails: @pudding.meows

Aon’s HappyTails: @pudding.meows

Vanessa WooJuly 17, 2023

Meet Delia and Pudding, as we learn more about their experience! I am a pet lover with a Diploma in Veterinary Technology. I wasn’t able to have pets when I was younger because my parents disapproved. So when I got married and moved out, my husband and I got a cat! Instead of buying one, […]

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Aon’s HappyTails: Run_baileyyyyyy_runAon’s HappyTails: Run_baileyyyyyy_run

Aon’s HappyTails: Run_baileyyyyyy_run

Vanessa WooJune 30, 2023

Meet Bailey, as we discover about his journey with Aon’ Happy Tails! Bailey is a 6 year old Maltese who is full of personality. He is super friendly and loves meeting new fur friends and people, but he can be a little feisty. He is a party animal and loves to go out to socialize […]

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Aon’s Happy Tales: kopi.thedogAon’s Happy Tales: kopi.thedog

Aon’s Happy Tales: kopi.thedog

PawjourrMay 31, 2023

The Permanent Spot Kopi, is a 9-year-old Singapore Special who is also Isabel’s furry best friend. Described as skittish but super sweet once she gets to know you, Kopi is a constant in Isabel’s life. Be it walks, car rides and even Friday night outings, the two are a package.  With no fear or filter, […]

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Aon’s Happy Tales: d.darbear.bAon’s Happy Tales: d.darbear.b

Aon’s Happy Tales: d.darbear.b

Amanda TanApril 30, 2023

Sometimes, the best things are the ones we don’t see coming. Find out how an unlikely pair, Shermin and darbear, have a bond that is irreplaceable.

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Aon’s Happy Tales: HolatruffleAon’s Happy Tales: Holatruffle

Aon’s Happy Tales: Holatruffle

Amanda TanMarch 31, 2023

Josephine and her Frenchie boy, Truffle, show us how communication is best done through our hearts.

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Aon’s Happy Tales: Princess_cookie_monkeyAon’s Happy Tales: Princess_cookie_monkey

Aon’s Happy Tales: Princess_cookie_monkey

Amanda TanFebruary 28, 2023

Read all about how a hoomom and her three kittens — Princess, Cookie, and Monkey found each other amid difficult times and how she keeps this blissful family together.

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Aon’s Happy Tales: Alphaboy_pomAon’s Happy Tales: Alphaboy_pom

Aon’s Happy Tales: Alphaboy_pom

PawjourrJanuary 30, 2023

The gem of the family, read all about the adventure of Alphaboy and his battle with hypothyroidism.

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Aon’s Happy Tales: Little.coco.beansAon’s Happy Tales: Little.coco.beans

Aon’s Happy Tales: Little.coco.beans

PawjourrDecember 30, 2022

Read all about the adventures of Helen and her fur kid Coco Beans, and why Aon’s Happy Tails is their pick!

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Aon’s Happy Tales: ThepianocatsAon’s Happy Tales: Thepianocats

Aon’s Happy Tales: Thepianocats

PawjourrNovember 30, 2022

It’s never easy being a pawmom to four cats, while fostering other cats too. Hear about Michelle’s experience today!

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Aon’s Happy Tales: DashdashingdachshundAon’s Happy Tales: Dashdashingdachshund

Aon’s Happy Tales: Dashdashingdachshund

PawjourrJune 17, 2022

What happens when you have an outdoorsy hooman who loves swimming, long walks, and a little bit of sun? Eleanor, graphic designer and pawm

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Aon’s Happy Tales: LittlenutcassAon’s Happy Tales: Littlenutcass

Aon’s Happy Tales: Littlenutcass

PawjourrMay 26, 2022

One’s life is the sum of all their choices. Will you let your conditions define you? Cassiopeia and her pawmom Keen decide to blaze their own trail.

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