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Aon’s Happy Tales: Princess_cookie_monkey

Amanda TanFebruary 28, 2023~ 3 mins read

“The Best Thing That Happened to Me”

As the world fell victim to the virus, the COVID-19 pandemic was for many people a fever dream. But if Sheryl was asked whether there was a silver lining, she would name Princess, Cookie, and Monkey in a heartbeat. 

Meeting each one at different phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, fate would have it no other way. 

Princess was adopted from a shelter at the start and became a companion to lean on for comfort and relief. A steady pillar of support that has helped Sheryl get through the toll on her mental health. 

Just as Princess has found her way into Sheryl’s life, so did Sheryl into Cookie’s and Monkey’s. Sheryl rescued Cookie when the latter was sadly kicked on the streets when people were trying to shoo her away and Monkey was to be put down if no one adopted her after some time. 

Their stories were something that significantly impacted Sheryl as a TNR cat rescuer. She could never ignore nor let it continue, and thus, the beginning of a family sticking together till the end of time. 

In Between the Past and the Future  

Being rescues, there are gaps in Princess’s, Cookie’s and Monkey’s backgrounds that Sheryl is not able to fill in. It makes concerns like dormant hereditary diseases much more worrying.

There is also the worry that the three will get into accidents.

According to Sheryl, being blind fuels Monkey’s fearlessness. Like any other young adult cat, Monkey is just as crazy and exhibits her fearlessness enthusiastically. There is a lot of jumping, leaping and chasing but sometimes, she misses and bangs her head. 

As with any other moms, the only thing Sheryl could do is to prepare her kitties for the future.

Princess, Cookie and Monkey had up-to-date vaccinations and annual health checks. Sheryl also makes sure they are leashed and harnessed or secured in the stroller while they are outside. With Cookie and Monkey being active furballs of energy, the balcony is also cat-proofed to prevent any accidents from happening. 

Better Safe Than Sorry

Despite her best attempts to understand and care for her three girls, Sheryl knows that there are some things beyond her abilities. 

For instance, the current DNA test available for cats has a lesser accuracy when examining the potential for health issues based on their guesstimated breed.

With the future being unpredictable, Sheryl doesn’t want to gamble fate. Naturally for her, the next step is to obtain insurance. 

Just as much as she prepares her girls for a variety of potential problems, Sheryl also wants to be fully prepared herself. 

So, when she learnt about AON Happy Tails at the Pet Expo event, Sheryl was undoubtedly relieved. 

It covers hereditary issues which were among her major concerns for her three girls who have unknown medical history. This excitedly makes it a good fit for Princess, Cookie and Monkey. 

The only thing holding Sheryl back is that it wouldn’t cover Monkey’s pre-existing condition. 

Sheryl believes that it is “Better [to be] safe than sorry” when it comes to managing her girls. 

Do note that while Aon is known for its comprehensive coverages, pre-existing conditions are not covered and such exclusion is typical with health insurance. Click here for more information.

*Bonus Content* 

If Your Girls Could Speak Hooman for 7 Days, What Would You Say to Them, or Do With Them?

Actually, we do animal communication!  😆 

All 3 are different because Princess whines as if she is being treated like a peasant. In the meantime, Cookie is overly concerned about me and Monkey just wants more food, treats and playtime. But yeah, they are all my babies.

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