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Dog Owners can Enjoy A Luxury Sunset Dinner Onboard The Royal Albatross Dog Cruise

PawjourrMay 05, 2021~ 3 mins read

Kicking off towards the end of April, Singapore’s shores will be playing host to Royal Albatross’s Dog Cruise, a luxury cruise catered specifically for our furry friends! This event will take pet owners and their furkids on a voyage through the straits of Singapore, with a wide variety of activities planned for them to engage in. The highlight of the evening is a sunset dinner for both humans and pets alike to enjoy! 

An extension of their famous “Sunset Dinner Cruise”, the Dog Cruise looks to give pawrents a night out for them to enjoy with their pets. The cruise is packed with activities that both you and your pet can enjoy (along with surprise goodies for your pup)! 

For those of you without pets, fear not! You can still sign up for the cruise and witness all the beautiful furbabies out and about.

Photo Credit: Momo Studios Singapore

In order to truly elevate the dining experience, Dog Cruise has worked hard to create a nutritionally balanced experience for your furkids. The food served during the 3-course gourmet dinner boasts no preservatives, so you know that your furkid is getting only the best nutrition. 

Be sure to bring them with a huge appetite, it’ll be sure to knock their paws off!

To provide you with further insight into this thrilling event, we attended the Dog Cruise on Wednesday to give you a sneak peek into the activities that they offer. During the media launch, there were only small dogs onboard but fret not! The Royal Albatross is looking to organise dates in June/July to accommodate larger dogs.

Check out our interview with Jane below!

What was the boarding process like? 

Jane: Smooth, fast, and orderly. Visitors are required to check-in and register at a booth. Afterward, there is a shoe station because guests are required to be bare-footed on the ship (some had bedroom slippers).

What were the safety measures set in place to ensure the safety of me and my dogs?

Jane: Safe distancing measures are in place, and there are always waiters around to help attend to the crew. Sunny Chong’s team were also stationed around the ship to help assist or resolve any potential fights between dogs.

To ensure the cruise is a safe and enjoyable experience for both hoomans and furkids, the Dog Cruise team has put precautions in place to make sure all pets are ready for the adventure of a lifetime. They’ve also teamed up with Sunny Chong Dog Training School to “interview” your pets to ensure that they’re suitable to be on the cruise. You can view their full list of policies here.

What was served to your dog during the gourmet dinner and did they enjoy it?

Jane: Dogs were served a 3-meal course prepared by BOM BOM. Guests can choose between BOM BOM’s menu or Home-cooked Food (HCF) prepared by the chefs on board if they don’t feed raw.

For the humans, we received a 3-course meal which included an appetiser, main dish, and desserts. Breads were also served beforehand and free-flow wine was available for peeps who take dining with a view seriously!

Photo Credit: Instagram @thewoofagency
Photo Credit: Instagram @thewoofagency

What was the ambience like? 

Jane: Really great! The ship sailed around Singapore within Sentosa. The breeze and night ambience made for a romantic atmosphere. At sunset, the ship was bathed in a golden light which made it great for photo taking. The ship was also lit with candles and fairy lights, but I much prefer the sunset view.

 Would you recommend this to family and friends, who have furkids?

Jane: Yes, especially since it’s SRV deductible! It is really fun and memorable to be out there in the sea with your furkids.

Overall, I do highly recommend every pet owner to attend the cruise at least once to give the experience a go. However, I do think it is important that your dog is obedient and well-trained in order to have a truly pleasant dining experience. The ship’s space is rather limited, hence it is difficult to move around much unless you have a very small dog. Your dog should also be potty trained (they have a grass patch dedicated for dogs to pee) but it is only within a designated area so accidents can happen.

It is also super important that you or your dogs are NOT seasick (I was, and it was pretty horrible); it really dilutes the experience since you feel like throwing up most of the time LOL.

Excited? So are we!

You can sign up now for the cruise via 2 packages. The $195+ package is open to both pet owners and non-pet owners alike, and is identical to the $420+ package excluding the 3-course gourmet dinner for dogs. Meanwhile, the $420+ package welcomes two adults and one furkid, and is inclusive of the 3-course gourmet dinner for dogs.

You can check out the full pricing list below.

If you’d like to keep up to date with the latest news, do follow and @thewoofagency on Instagram. You can also take a closer look at their packages and terms and conditions by heading to their website

We hope you and your furkid are drooling in anticipation, because we sure are. 

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See you at the cruise!

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