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Feeding Your Fussy Feline

PawjourrAugust 09, 2022~ 2 mins read

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Like a toddler looking away when you present them with their spoonful of porridge, you’ll be in for a bad time if you try to force-feed your cat. These animals are apex predators, masters of their own will, and will only eat what they want when they want it. So how can you ease them into a meal routine? Here are four easy steps to feeding your fussy feline.

#1. Reduce their treats

Say it ain’t so! Our adorable furbabies? Getting fewer treats? The audacity! Before you write this off, consider that your cat would have a lesser appetite if fed with treats in between meals. They may also be less compelled to eat their main meals since they know they will get treats later. We’re not saying you shouldn’t give treats at all, just reduce it to once or twice a day.

#2. Play with them before their meal

That’s right — play with them! Work up their appetite by dedicating about 10 minutes to getting active with their favourite toys. By the time you’re done, they’ll be hungry enough to eat just about anything. The extra calories burnt also keep them fit and deter feline obesity!

#3. Mixing textures

If your cat is not interested in the food you have, why not change things up by mixing different types of foods together? Dry kibbles can be paired with raw foods or wet foods to give a range of tastes and textures. Aatas Cat’s Creamy Chicken and Tantalizing Tuna series offer a wide selection of flavours topped with natural ingredients to give your cat a juicy gourmet experience. Add those to their kibbles and they’ll be sure to come back for more!

Aatas Cat’s Creamy Chicken and Tantalising Tuna Series, courtesy of

#4. Just add water

Sometimes, all they want is for their dry food to be, well, not dry. Adding warm water to your cat’s meals helps them stay hydrated and improve their digestion. Pet-friendly broths and stews, such as Aatas Cat’s Soupy Stew series, also make for a hearty hydrating meal for your fussy felines.

Aatas Cat’s Soupy Stew Series, courtesy of @t2munchkins

In Conclusion

Your felines are proud creatures that don’t bend to anyone’s whims except their own. If they aren’t already demanding food from their hoomans, chances are there’s something hindering them from doing so. As their pawrents, we have to be vigilant in looking out for these factors so that we can eliminate them and provide our pawpals with the nutrition they need. If your cat is still being fussy, it’s worth a visit to the vet!

Cover Photo by Sheep. On Pexels

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