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How to customize your campaigns to fit your goals

Damien PohDecember 01, 2022~ 2 mins read

It’s never a walk in the park to launch a campaign that stands out among thousands out there. Especially so, when you’re up against marketing campaigns with budgets, double or even 10 times yours. 

But is having a high budget the reason behind successful campaigns? 

Key to a successful marketing campaign

You may be bold, loud, and even humorous, but if your brand or product isn’t able to resonate with your target consumers, your campaign is likely to crumble before it begins. 

While your campaign budget forms the skeleton, it’s crucial to consider your campaign objectives and target audience. It’s crucial to understand what your consumers want. Specifically, what they have to gain from your product or service — echoing this in your marketing campaign is the first step in the right direction.

The next step? It’s time to customize your campaign so it’s tailored to your objectives. It is never a good idea to imitate or follow what other brands are doing. Following cookie-cutter tactics can be tempting, but what may work for others, may not work for you!

One brand that managed to achieve this is The Daily Barf.

The Daily Barf’s 7-day BARF Diet plan

Earlier this year, The Daily Barf was on the search for influencers to promote their 7-day BARF Diet plan.

Influencers Requirement:

  • Based in Malaysia
  • Pet or human creators with min. 2k and 10k followers respectively
  • Owners who are interested in or already are feeding their furkids a BARF diet
  • To share their 7-day experience (including a before and after) on Instagram
Photo credit: @__lunaandthecats_

What’s so unique about this campaign?

The Daily Barf was able to work with influencers of different types, not just cat and dog creators. Their campaign also involved human creators that have a furpal or two! 

With Pawjourr’s vast network of creators, The Daily Barf is able to select creators they’d like to engage. And before these KOLs are selected, they are reviewed thoroughly to match the campaign’s requirements through our platform.

For example, The Daily Barf was looking for creators based in selected regions of Malaysia, hoping to improve their fur kids’ health condition (fur cat health, weight management, overall appetite).

Selected KOLs received a sponsored package based on their pet type, age, and weight, to ensure the diet catered to their needs. It was also compulsory for their fur kids to consume deworming tablets before starting their BARF diet.

Photo credit: @thebaby_duoduo

Launching campaigns that convert

The Daily Barf now finds itself with access to a ton of marketing assets, produced by these KOLs. They’re also able to leverage their testimonials to boost their social proof in this day and age where product reviews dominate consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Engaging influencers for your marketing campaigns can take on many forms, but it can be intricate to find influencers that fit the bill. Thanks to Pawjourr, The Daily Barf was able to launch a perfectly-designed campaign that aligns with its branding and meets the needs of its consumers. 

Remember, there are no hard rules to launching a campaign. So reach out to us at and learn the endless possibilities our marketplace has to offer.

Featured image credit: @allysazy 

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